Battery Gap Increases Quality Industry Needs To Improve

- Nov 02, 2016-

Now, China's new electric car industry is high-speed adding channels, precisely because of its rapid, as its core components of the traction battery, needs gaps are also further expanded in nearly two years. According to baic, JAC, heard from car companies such as SAIC, manufacturers have shown that now due to the battery power supply, and is beginning to affect the new dynamic vehicle production.

Battery led to huge investment

Business needs will be targeted by Smart businesses. It is understood that due to battery needs to increase, many batteries producing companies saw an opportunity, long time expanding capacity. For example, the top three--of the global battery Panasonic, LG chemical (Korea largest antibody in petrochemical company) and Samsung SDI (Samsung Group's affiliated companies in the electronics category) has been funded to build factories in China. Samsung SDI is selected has and domestic engine piston ring and the cylinder sets category ranking topped of Anhui ring new group collaboration, its Xian factory Yu September 2015 built production, can annual 40,000 car pure electric car with battery; October 2015, LG chemical in Nanjing of battery factory completed, has annual 100,000 car new power car battery planning; December 2015, Panasonic showed that will in Dalian create battery factory, estimated 2017 official production, To produce batteries for 200,000 vehicles a year when new electric car use.

Except foreign company, domestic compared has features of power battery manufacturers, as country Xuan high section power power limited, and Tianjin force God battery Corporation, and BYD car company, and billion latitude lithium can Corporation, and days can power company,, also have sharply overweight power lithium battery category of funded, and in electric core, and power battery, and battery handle system and the storage can type battery, aspects heap has must of skills strength. According to incomplete statistics, in 2015, China power lithium battery job added investment to break the billion, to a certain extent, promote the development of China's new electric car.