Battery Weight

- Nov 02, 2016-

Way to improve your power battery energy density comparison is limited, in addition to developing new types of batteries, without the added positive active material components and reduce battery Accessories component in two ways. The former approach to directly add battery power, but questions also compared, such as declining security and part of the hot questions. The latter approach, though less intuitive, but can also reach the intention of the first approach.

Reduce the strength of accessories components but not fall accessories. Battery development from the present situation, China's research in this area and use contrasting lag. On the research of information science, we need to acknowledge and abroad there are a certain distance, especially in development. Other, lighter replacement of data throughout the questions facing rising costs. Battery is now very expensive conditions, plant selection which may not.

However, from the perspective of foreign research results, looking for a high strength, lightweight and low cost information may be. Some time ago, Volvo cars announced battery light to enter during the practical test, Volvo showed that new battery material cost less, is more environmentally friendly. If the batteries now fully replaced by the new information, are able to reduce vehicle weight of more than 15%, the effect is clear.