BMW 2016 Electric Vehicle Sales Over 6.2 Million

- Jan 12, 2017-

BMW Group 2016 sales of electric vehicles over 62,000, BMW plans 2017 electric car products increased to 9, sales target of 10 million; Elite intended to price of 625 million yuan acquisition of charger manufacturer Tiecheng information, cut into new energy sources The auto parts sector; the Ministry of Industry and 292 batch of new car declaration directory publicity, new energy vehicles collective absent.

BMW 2016 electric vehicles sold over 6.2 million 2017 target 10 million

BMW's official data show that in 2016 the BMW Group in the global car sales reached 2367,603, an increase of 5.3%. Among them, the BMW 2016 electric car sales growth is also very rapid, 2016 sold more than 62,000 units.

BMW said it was mainly due to the rapid increase in product lines. BMW Group currently has a total of seven electric vehicles. In addition, the BMW 5 series and Mini countryman plug-in hybrid power version will be listed in the next few months, BMW Group's electric car product line will be increased to 9, 2017 electric car sales is expected to reach 10 million.

Elite to be 625 million acquisition of information into the new energy auto city Tiecheng parts

January 10, Elite announcement that the company intends to acquire all the information held by Tiecheng Tiecheng 100% stake in the information, the transaction price of 625 million yuan, of which the new issue of shares to pay 217.5 million yuan to Cash payment of 407.5 million yuan. Upon completion of the transaction, Tiecheng Information will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company.

Elite said that through this acquisition, the company will enter the new energy vehicles, the rapid development of strategic emerging industries, and can use its own manufacturing capacity for the Tiechong information car charger production shell radiator and other accessories to achieve complementary advantages , Expand the main business of listed companies.

New energy vehicles collective absence of the Ministry of Industry and the 292 batch catalog publicity

January 10, the Ministry of Industry issued the first 292 approved "approval of road motor vehicle manufacturers and products Bulletin" new product publicity. In this release of 2491 new products in the absence of new energy automotive products. Analysis of the industry, December 29, 2016, four ministries issued a new energy subsidies or new energy vehicles led to the collective absence of new energy vehicles, the main reason.

There are totally 486 automobile, motorcycle and three-wheeled automobile production enterprises that have declared 292 batch of "announcement" new products, including 448 automobile manufacturers, 36 automobile manufacturers and 2 automobile manufacturers. The above enterprises to declare a total of 2491 new products, including automotive products 2381, 99 motorcycle products, three car products 11.

Zhuo to new energy 5 billion when the two-item lithium battery products off the assembly line

January 9, Guangxi Zhuo to 5 billion new energy lithium battery two standard products off the assembly line, marking the Guangxi Zhuo to new energy technology expansion success. Guangxi Zhuo to the new energy Technology Co., Ltd. in August 2013 signed a real estate industrial park settled in the area, the main building of 5 billion security lithium-ion battery, and 100,000 sets of new energy automotive power industry projects.

The total planned land of the project is 2000 mu, and the construction is divided into three phases. The land for the first phase is 450 mu. The reserved land for the second and third phases is 1,900 mu. The estimated total investment is 10 billion yuan.

Dongfeng Honda new energy vehicles strategic exposure to promote the layout of four categories of products

Dongfeng Honda plans to launch in 2018 pure electric vehicles, the product lineup which will continue to increase the proportion of hybrid cars. At present, Dongfeng Honda's models in terms of power naturally aspirated and turbocharged, think of platinum Rui Rui · mixed is the first brand new energy models. Dongfeng Honda has long been planning in the field of new energy, including hybrid electric, plug-in hybrid, pure electric and hydrogen fuel, these four power forms will introduce new models.

In the factory, Dongfeng Honda has also been the future of new energy vehicle production ready. Dongfeng Honda third factory on December 8, 2016 officially started, will be completed in two phases of construction. A project is expected to put into operation in 2019, with an annual capacity of 120,000, and have a new energy vehicle production capacity. After the factory put into production, Dongfeng Honda in the new energy vehicle production more guarantee.

Beiqi new energy new member EC180 will be listed this month

Media reports, Beiqi new EC series of the first models EC180 is expected to be officially sold on January 18, the model positioning as a small pure electric vehicles, is pushing the North has a "national car," said heavyweight models, is expected From the price of 6 million.


Beiqi new energy EC180 were introduced Smart Edition and Lingxiu version of two models. The new car is equipped with a 20.3 kilowatt-hour ternary lithium battery, integrated operating range mileage of 156 km, the maximum speed of 100 km, the model only provides a slow charge, can be completed within 7 hours of charging.

Formerly joined the original SAIC Group CFO Tencent Tencent Department of Internet repairer

Recently, the original SAIC Group CFO, SAIC Financial Division General Manager Gu Feng officially joined the love Chi billion peacekeeping, and become co-founder and CEO, is currently in office. The original love Chi billion co-founder of Fu Wei Qiang is the post of president.

By the end of October 2016, by the harmonious car, Tencent, Harmony Futeng and Jiangxi Shangrao and other multi-party investment in new energy vehicle repairer, announced in Jiangxi Shangrao 13.3 billion investment in building 300,000 new energy capacity Car factory.