Bosch New 48V Hybrid Battery Technology To Help New Energy Distribution

- Oct 14, 2017-

Germany's Bosch new 48V hybrid battery is to meet the needs of the global car manufacturers. As with the Bosch bridge, this innovative 48V battery is standardized to facilitate rapid integration into new models, helping existing car manufacturers and similar start-ups to shorten development cycles and save costs. "Bosch is an incubator for electric traffic technology and is committed to helping OEMs reduce valuable development time and accelerate the pace of product delivery," said Dr. Rolf Bulander, Chairman of Bosch Group's Board of Directors and Chairman of the Automotive and Intelligent Transportation Technology Business Unit. Ion batteries can be installed in many models, such as compact cars, mini cars and mini cars, etc., is expected to begin mass production by the end of 2018. Taking into account the market for entry-level hybrid models of the huge demand, Bosch will also provide in addition to 48V battery other powertrain components. Bosch expects that by 2025, about 15 million 48V hybrids will be on the road.

 Bosch new 48V hybrid battery technology to help new energy distribution

Advanced battery technology: standardized processing, easy to use

Whether in China, Europe or North America, car manufacturers are working to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and reduce vehicle fuel consumption. Bosch system design of the new 48V battery is for this demand. For example, Bosch's use of lithium-ion batteries as close as possible, can still effectively reduce carbon dioxide emissions. With the Bosch Energy Recovery Acceleration Assist System (BRS), the braking energy is stored in the battery and used when the vehicle is accelerating, which saves fuel and reduces carbon emissions. 48V battery market demand, especially by Chinese manufacturers favor. Based on this market background, which lithium-ion battery is expected to be successful in the global context. At present, Bosch has been with the Chinese market, including more than a dozen customers to contact, and access to a considerable number of production plans.

The secret to the success of this battery is that it uses advanced concepts to help reduce vehicle carbon emissions in a more economical way. At the same time product design for the product economy also contributed to the battery does not require active cooling function, and the product shell made of plastic instead of metal. These factors help to further reduce production costs. The plastic case is undoubtedly a real challenge in making batteries because lithium-ion batteries will inflate over the life of the battery and when the battery is charged, so the battery case must be able to withstand some pressure. Bosch engineers are rearranging the internal units of the 48V battery, even if the plastic housing is under pressure.1507798746929009107.jpg

"For a long time, Bosch has been committed to investing in the field of electric traffic, and now it seems that these investments are starting to pay off," said Dr. Mathias Pilin, Bosch's electric transportation business. Today, more than 500,000 electric and hybrid vehicles are equipped with Bosch components on a global scale. Our annual investment in the field of electric transport reached 400 million euros. Over the years, Bosch has accumulated a wealth of experience in more than 30 production projects, including battery manufacturing, and now these experiences are becoming an important weight of the company's success. "We are experimenting with the fact that the development of the battery is not just about getting the battery to be faster, more stable, and longer," says Michael Budde, director of Bosch Battery Systems. "We found a more user-friendly solution. A knowledge. "

With this new battery, Bosch is committed to the more economical 48V hybrid system to market. With the popularity of hybrid cars, Bosch expects its batteries in China, Japan and the European market will achieve good results. "With this product, we are confident to be the leader in the 48V battery market," Budde said.