BYD Appointed Wang Jie As Vice President Of The Company

- Mar 20, 2017-

March 17, BYD Co., Ltd. announced that the company's second session of the Board of Directors at its 22nd meeting examined and adopted the "on the appointment of vice president of the company's motion", agreed to appoint Wang Jie as vice president of the company, term from this The date of approval of the board of directors to the date of expiry of the fifth term of office of the board of directors.

BYD appointed Wang Jie as vice president of the company

Data show that Wang Jie, born in 1964, graduated from the Xi'an Institute of Metallurgical Architecture (now Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology), majoring in industrial automation, a bachelor's degree in engineering. Worked in the Ministry of Metallurgical Jiaxing Metallurgical Machinery Plant and other units. And in September 1996 to join BYD, served as sales manager, sales director, marketing, deputy general manager and other staff, the company's general manager of commercial vehicle sales division.