BYD Cloud Track Was Officially Opened

- Jan 02, 2017-


October 13, the high-profile BYD "cloud track" opening ceremony held in Shenzhen Pingshan headquarters. After more than 1,000 engineers focused on building, which lasted 5 years of technology research and development and more than 5 billion yuan of capital investment, BYD "cloud track" to achieve the world's first official release and opening. "Cloud track" BYD following the IT, automotive, new energy after the fourth industry, is also following the solar energy, energy storage power plants, new energy vehicles after the fourth green dream for the city to create three-dimensional traffic, add the existing traffic System has significant and far-reaching significance.


Day before the event, BYD and Shantou municipal government signed a framework agreement for cooperation projects to jointly promote the development of straddle-type monorail transport projects in Shantou. At this point, the "cloud track" the world's first project and the signing of the contract, means that BYD in solving urban development problems on the road has taken a historic step, but also marks the Chinese enterprises in monorail technology and project operations A major breakthrough!


Technology has obvious advantages, BYD "cloud track" to solve urban development problems

With the rapid development of urbanization in China, rapid population and motor vehicle accumulation, traffic congestion, environmental pollution and other urban problems has become increasingly prominent, take the "wheels on the city" line has been difficult to meet the needs of modern urban development. As a global leader in new energy field, BYD is committed to providing green, efficient and convenient public transport solutions for the city. The release of "Cloud Track" marks the formal entry of BYD into medium and small volume rail transportation. With the strong vertical integration capability of the industry and the core technology advantages of the whole industry chain, the "cloud rail" will solve the urban congestion and pollution with the three-dimensional transportation mode, further meet the transportation needs of the city, branch lines and tourist routes. "Wheel of the city" to "track the city" transformation and upgrading.



It is equipped with iron battery energy storage system, permanent magnet wheel-side direct drive motor, lightweight body, single-axle bogie, energy feedback and communication system, and all-aluminum light and streamlined body design. Auxiliary unmanned and other leading technology. As a small and medium volume rail transit system, the "cloud orbit" grouping flexible, with independent road rights, transport capacity of 1 to 3 million people / hour (one-way), the maximum speed of 80km / h, the minimum turning radius of only 45 meters 15% of the subway), the maximum climbing ability of 10% (3 times the subway), the curve through the ability, turning radius is small, low energy consumption in the braking process to recover energy. "Cloud track" has a perfect emergency solutions, extreme special case of power outages through the opening of energy-saving battery to continue to travel 10 km to ensure the safety of passengers arrived at the booth. In addition, the "cloud track" all car interiors are non-combustible materials, set the safety channel across the board, the body in the track beam depth of 1.2 meters, with high security.


Adaptability super, Shantou City, the first sign "cloud track" the first project

Period, Shantou municipal government on the development of straddle type monorail and BYD signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. Shantou possesses the economic conditions and strength to build rail transit. The total economic volume and population scale have reached the national standards for rail transit construction and maintained a good momentum of economic development. In recent years, with the continuous expansion of the central urban area, the extension of the city and the enlargement of the urban scale, the necessity and urgency of urban rail transit construction has become increasingly prominent. The rapid growth of motor vehicle ownership has a strong impact on urban traffic and traffic congestion. The production and living of urban residents, restricting urban development. As the country's first open special economic zones, Shantou is speeding up construction planning and approval work, as soon as possible in the implementation of the conditions of mature sections of the first round of 35 km start "cloud track" construction, help Shantou new transport network construction. According to "Shantou city rail transit network planning", Shantou city rail transit network development scale in the near future (2020) to 55.3 kilometers, long-term (2030) 95.5 kilometers, 251.4 kilometers long.



In addition to Shantou, the country has more than 20 cities on the "cloud track" showed a strong interest, is expected to continue cooperation with BYD. "Cloud track" for customers, thanks to the unique technical advantages of straddle monorail, as well as products with superior adaptability, can be in the building-intensive, terrain ups and downs, steep sharp bend and other different environments run. "Cloud track" can be used as city rail, city center and the second center or satellite city cable, subway and other large transport lines connecting lines, connecting communities, hospitals and schools, but also as a tourist sightseeing, is now An important addition to the traffic rail transit system. "Clouds" have independent road rights, the use of elevated ways, can be separated in the road or green belt construction, bridge permeability, landscape effect, demolition, construction is simple, the construction period is only 1/3 of the subway, investment only 1/5 of the subway. Due to the use of rubber tires and air springs, the "cloud track" runs much less noise than the rail system, the track erection can even pass through the residential building. In the development of urban transport, the "cloud track" can be subway, light rail, road passenger transport and other modes of complementarity, the formation of underground, ground, air three-dimensional transport model for the city to provide a better traffic travel program.


Response to national call, "cloud track" is the only way to solve the city congestion

Recently, the State Council executive meeting clearly urban rail transit and other investment projects by the provincial government under the relevant planning, access standards approved. The development of the "cloud track" can not only effectively solve the traffic congestion, air pollution, noise pollution and other urban problems, but also the city and the surrounding towns and economic activity centers to link up to improve public transport habits, driving along the economic development, Enhance the image of the city, to build the city card. In addition, the development of "cloud track" will help to resolve the national steel, cement and other excess capacity, driven planning and design, system integration, battery power and other related industries, in line with the current national push supply side structural reform of the overall requirements. To this end, BYD actively respond to national call for the city to provide new ideas and strategic solutions, with innovation and technology for people's lives to bring more vitality and possible.


Vigorously develop rail transit is the only way to solve urban traffic congestion. From IT, automotive, new energy, to today's rail transportation industry, BYD has been a high degree of social responsibility, leading China's manufacturing transformation and upgrading to build China's world-class industrial brand. BYD will be a unique advantage of the "cloud track" products and operating solutions for the city to create a more secure, more comfortable, more green, more quiet of the modern transportation system, leading to a three-dimensional traffic from the ground to the air change, National structural reform and development into a new impetus!

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