BYD No Longer Stick To Lithium Iron Phosphate Large-scale Investment In Ternary Battery

- Feb 09, 2017-

In November 10 of the new energy automotive industry investment in the salon, BYD Deputy General Manager Li Qian said BYD plans to expand the ternary lithium battery layout, 2016 BYD battery production capacity is expected to 10GW · H, in 2017 added ternary battery 5-6GW · H.

BYD is the world's second largest and the country's largest power battery manufacturers, has been insisting the technical route of lithium iron phosphate battery, lithium iron phosphate is the world's technology leader. BYD also began a large-scale layout of ternary lithium batteries, ternary battery means that the technical line in the future will occupy a dominant position. Of course, the more technical characteristics of the product mix is also conducive to seize market share.


Ternary lithium and lithium iron phosphate battery power compared to the existence of a high advantage, but the cycle of low frequency charge and discharge, and stability as lithium iron phosphate battery, the charging speed will be slower. However, with the rapid development of electric vehicle market, people can be more demanding contrast, cruising mileage is almost a measure of pure electric vehicle technology, the most critical indicators.

Prior to this, China's power battery technology line to lithium iron phosphate battery-based, but the state subsidies in the new energy policy also began to capacity density and life mileage tilt, plus the ternary battery cycle charge and discharge times and stability of the rapid increase . China's major automobile battery manufacturers have started layout of ternary lithium batteries: lithium, such as China Aviation, State Hin Hi-Tech, Ningde, etc. have been the layout of the ternary lithium R & D and production.

Japan, South Korea's Panasonic, AESC, LG Chemical, Samsung SDI, SK is the leader in this area, the United States, Europe, Japan and South Korea in the beginning of the three-cell lithium battery as the main technical line. The most successful combination of cooperation than Tesla and Panasonic.

Earlier this year, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that it would jointly invest $ 3.7 billion in the Nevada desert to build a 35GW · H battery factory in the Nevada desert. The facility's capacity is almost equivalent to the current global market for power batteries And, after reaching capacity will be able to meet the 460,000 Tesla Model S, Model X and Model 3 power battery needs, when the battery production costs will be reduced by 30%.

The core of competition for new energy vehicles is the power battery battle, the key to power battery war is the size and market share. With the scale will have the price competitiveness, and then continue to expand market share. The global power battery market battle has started.