BYD To Develop New Energy

- Feb 28, 2017-

In recent years, BYD to develop new energy, its traditional fuel vehicles are no longer see the replacement is a good proof, dumping the power of the whole enterprise, BYD to do the first new energy vehicles, and even the world's first belong to BYD. How much to Wang Chuanfu more emboldened, he said in an interview at the end of last year: "BYD main new energy vehicles, which requires a process, not so fast if you double the cost of doing so than they (Volkswagen TSI + DSG, Toyota mixed) only 10% of the words, which can achieve the world's first. "Visible, BYD want to, more than the first new energy, but also want to be the first car industry.

February 27, BYD officially launched in Shenzhen, pure electric mileage reached 100 km of the Qin 100 and Tang 100, two new cars in the manufacturing process, the configuration level have been Di powder and many media recognition. At the same time, BYD to bring Chinese business three excellent, China Putian, drop travel, peace auto insurance, China Mobile and other public partners to "reduce the temperature of the Earth 1 degrees" as the slogan, released the "electric future" ecosystem.

It seems that BYD want a next big game, Qin 100 / Tang 100 is the first step, Wang Chuanfu introduction: "Our dual-mode car is full of electricity to run 130 km, and is not a dual-car, the basic is electric cars, Long-term use, and now the concept of dual-mode car changed, the technology up, the cost to do low, that is when the big outbreak of BYD. "The eco-strategy is the second step to solve the user's use of the pile, help BYD Dual mode to enhance the penetration rate.

Two-mode vehicle product upgrade not only enhance the pure electric mileage

Qin 100 / Tang 100 listed, BYD engaged in the battle is not a small conference, Shenzhen Spring cocoon gym main venue, a few hundred meters of outdoor layout, the scene is more grand? A public out of the public to call home, said he was watching "BYD Auto Show." The main venue of the audience over thousands of seats, invited Di powder, partner representatives, distributors and domestic mainstream media, the scene no less than any domestic replacement of a new model - this shows that, for BYD, the two The new car is significant, comparable to the replacement.