China Announced The Next Three Years The Development Of New Energy Vehicles Strategy

- Jan 11, 2017-

Recently issued the "adjustment and revitalization of the automobile industry planning" (the "Plan") proposed in the next three years, the development of new energy vehicles in China strategy.

"Plan" that by 2011, including pure electric, rechargeable hybrid and general-type hybrid, including new energy vehicles to form 500,000 capacity, new energy vehicle sales to account for the total passenger car sales 5%. At the same time, the main passenger car manufacturers should have certified new energy automotive products.

According to the "plan" content, the state will start energy-saving and new energy vehicle demonstration projects, arranged by the central government funds to subsidize large and medium cities to support demonstration and promotion of hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles and other energy-saving and new energy vehicles. The city people's governments at or above the county level should formulate plans to give priority to the promotion of the use of new energy vehicles in the fields of urban public transport, leasing, public service, sanitation, postal services, airports and other fields; the establishment of electric vehicle rapid charging network;

For the new energy vehicle parts and components industry, "planning" proposed to promote pure electric vehicles, rechargeable hybrid vehicles and their key components of the industry. (Ah) high-performance vehicle (A), the use of high-performance, high-performance, high-performance, high-performance, energy-saving, energy-saving, energy-saving, Single power battery production capacity; the development of ordinary hybrid vehicles and new fuel vehicle-specific components.

The development of new energy vehicles and parts for supporting the funds part of the next three years, including the state as a technological progress, technological transformation of the 10 billion yuan investment in special funds. The $ 10 billion will come from the new central investment arrangement.

"Plan" also proposed that "start to have an important role in upgrading the industry and the protection of the standard research and development work, pay close attention to the revision of new energy vehicles product standards, test methods."