China Can Occupy The Dominant Position In The Battery Industry To See How Foreign Media Say?

- Feb 13, 2017-

Lithium-ion battery manufacturers in China this year hope that through low prices to create their own advantages. The news of Japan and South Korea's battery manufacturers stock fell. China is also planning to adopt the price advantage in the solar energy industry after the battery industry to dominate it?

US information services company battery expert Henning Vicht believes that the Chinese people probably can not like in the solar industry is easy to occupy the dominant position. "Japan and South Korea produce batteries that can hold more power in the same volume," he said, "and unlike solar modules, it's not just price, but quality, for EV batteries." "In other words, China's low-cost batteries may not be able to find buyers." In particular, the safety performance, the Chinese manufacturers are clearly in a backward position, so the old battery manufacturers so far not into panic . "All battery manufacturers have to respond to this and lower their prices accordingly," Vicht said.

British "Financial Times": China in the field of battery materials to seize the dominant position

Located in the Congo (gold) of the Tengkai copper and cobalt ore is the world's known copper and cobalt reserves of one of the largest mine, the acquisition of the mine in China ready to make its economy out of high-polluting industries, the Chinese enterprises in the field of battery materials to seize the lead status.

As automakers from Tesla to GM continue to ramp up production of electric vehicles, companies that produce batteries for them will increasingly rely on Chinese companies to control their supply chains. Western policymakers hope electric vehicles can help reduce carbon emissions and dependence on imported oil.

"Most of the cobalt is shipped directly to China," said Edwards & Spencer, an analyst at the Commodity Research Institute in London. "They control a huge global share." Into cobalt mining, to a certain extent, The rise of enterprises, a large part of the world's lithium-ion batteries are produced by the Asian battery companies. In the new planning of lithium battery production projects, more than 90% is expected to be settled in China.