China Has 150,000 Public Charging Pile For The Development

- Feb 09, 2017-

As of 2016, China has 150,000 public charging pile for the development of China's electric vehicle industry has laid an important foundation. However, this advantage is likely to become a burden.

Low power charging pile is difficult to meet market demand

January 14, 2017, in China, "100 people will be electric vehicles," the forum, President and CEO of Volkswagen China Hezmann bluntly pointed out that despite China's developed highway network in the electric car charging pile, but poor user experience . These charging pile maximum power is only about 40Kw, 300 km mileage of electric vehicles need 90 minutes to fully charged.

The drawbacks are obvious.

1, the owners experience bad: no owners can accept the charge pile next to wait 1.5 hours and then set off on the road, this does not include queuing time. In the process of running high-speed hurry, things will become even worse.

2, greatly reduce operational efficiency: To enhance the satisfaction of the charge, operators have to increase the number of charging pile, which requires an increase in area, in China, rent the cost of the price is very expensive. The city center is not enough places to install the charging pile.

Foreign car prices have been large-scale layout of super-charging pile

November 30, 2016, Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Audi, Porsche announced the joint construction of a European-wide super-charging station, charging pile power will reach 350Kw.

This charging pile and the existing domestic charging pile compared to the charging efficiency is 10 times the charge pile, the charging capacity per unit area increased by 10 times the user to reduce the waiting time by 90%. Operational efficiencies and user experience enhancements are revolutionary. The first phase will have 400 super-charging pile station built by 2020 there will be thousands of super-charging stations throughout the European highway.

December 26, 2016, Masi announced a comprehensive upgrade Tesla super charging pile, the charging power from 120kw to 350kw. Upon completion of the upgrade, Tesla cars can be completed within 10 minutes 300km battery life. Tesla in mainland China already has 698 super-charging stations and 4311 super charging pile.

Maske continued to make up the knife, he said the 350km super-charging pile in his view is simply "children's toys", Tesla will also provide more power charging pile.