China New Energy Automotive Industry Investment Opportunities And Trends Forum Held In Shanghai

- May 26, 2017-

At this meeting, the Union's 18 co-sponsored listed companies for the first time debut, including Kennedy Rui Wo, Blue Ocean Teng, British Witten, win technology, Huayou Cobalt, Shanghai Electric drive, snow Wright, Songzhi shares , Chang Park Group, Valin Star Ma, Da Gang Road, the game for the smart and other leading enterprises.

Director of Voithma Innovation Alliance Li Yao to share innovation alliance operation mode

Wal-Mart Innovation Alliance Chairman Li Yao at the meeting, in the industrial cluster layout level, the current Union to take the province as a unit, the establishment of "6 large park +1 center" new model of cooperation between enterprises and enterprises in each province to build Energy saving and environmental protection of the 100 billion green industry ecological circle, to promote the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure and regional economic development. In the market operation level, by the Union 4 operating platform company (people rich, new Wo, in the fertile, Kyushu public enjoyment) +1 support service sharing platform company (Kyushu Tongweiwei) as the main body to promote the operation of local governments to develop New energy vehicles 5 years to promote the application plan, in the next five years, the signing of the city's traditional car ownership of 30%, replaced by the Union new energy vehicles.

Li Yao, director of the board

"At present, this innovative model has been a number of provinces and municipalities to respond positively, the Union has with Henan Anyang, Jiangxi, Fuzhou, signed a cooperation agreement is expected to Union orders or high growth last year on the basis of continued substantial growth.

Long-term follow-up research new energy automotive industry Huachuang Securities researcher Ou Zichen that the short term, innovation alliance these companies complement each other, will benefit from the overall strategy of the Union to promote the relevant listed companies to bring upward flexibility. In the long run, the innovation alliance to create a real demand for upgrading services, driving the industry to grow, the formation of links leading.

New energy automotive industry will be low before the high stability in the good

Forum, a number of industry experts and research institutions, said the new energy automotive industry in the second half of the boom will rebound, the recent market adjustment to the long-term funds to provide a good Jiancang period. Related to the company's investment logic will be switched to performance-driven, high-quality stocks will stand out.

Forum will be on site

Ou Chen said in the report, January-May 2017, the new energy vehicles, especially the new energy commercial vehicle market affected by policy changes, sales did not see clearly up, accelerate market concerns, the overall level of plate valuation at the bottom. However, historical experience shows that the new energy vehicle sales broke out for three consecutive years, maintaining the former low after the high trend. Which is expected in the second half of the upstream shipments will be relatively smooth, downstream boom to move closer to the upstream.

China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association Secretary-General Liu Yanlong introduced in 2015 China's new energy vehicles sold more than 330,000. 2016 new energy vehicle production reached 517,000, by 2020 production is expected to reach 2 million, the cumulative amount of 5 million. The market demand for power batteries in 2020 is expected to reach 100 billion watts.

He pointed out that in the Chinese macroeconomic into the new normal trend, the integration of lithium-ion battery industry is continuing, only those who have strong technology accumulation, sufficient financial support, rational market positioning and rapid response to the market in order to the future Fierce market competition in the upper hand, to win the market.

Beijing Hengtian Institute of Intelligent Power Research Institute Dean Wang Xianfeng that the energy environment, technological change, industrial restructuring in the context of the global automotive industry presents low carbon, information technology, intelligent three development trends, the specific technology embodied Electric, intelligent and lightweight. In particular, the electric side, with the battery, motor, electronic control three technology steadily, the localization process to accelerate. Enterprises do forward layout, both in the electric, intelligent, lightweight technology to do a good job layout, but also in the sharing, integration of the new business model to do a good job layout.

Since the first half of 2017, Waters Innovation Alliance has received from Dongfeng, Hubei new Chu wind, Shenlong bus, the bus and other car prices purchase orders. February and Zhongtong bus reached a strategic cooperation, the two sides are expected to jointly sell to the market in 2017 sales of 23,000 new energy vehicles; March with China Hengtian hand, plans to promote 2018 new 20,000 energy vehicles. These partnerships fully demonstrate that the growth of orders in the Union is accelerating and will have a positive contribution to the future turnover of the affiliated companies.