Daimler Plans To Put Into Operation The World's Five Major Battery Plants In 2019

- Oct 14, 2017-

In order to ensure the full range of electric vehicle battery supply, the German car manufacturer Daimler plans 2019 years ago in the world three continents operating five battery assembly plant, three of which are located in Germany, one in the United States and one in China.

Daimler plans in 2019 the world's five major battery factory put into operation to meet market demand

Daimler battery factory put into operation, will be able to local market demand to make a quick and effective response, and can be adjusted according to demand for battery exports. While the total investment in the battery will cost more than 1 billion euros. Although Daimler is expanding battery pack production, lithium-ion batteries are still provided by third-party vendors and may lead to potential bottlenecks in battery supply once future demand is not accurately predicted.

The first and second battery plants (under construction) are located in Kamenz, Germany. Deutsche Accumotive GmbH & Co. KG, a wholly owned subsidiary of Daimler GmbH, was founded in 2009 as a core company in the development and production of Mercedes-Benz and a number of smart brand hybrids and electric vehicles and highly sophisticated commercial vehicles. Accumotive is located in the city of Stuttgart, Nabern, its R & D facilities are also located in this, but the battery production is located in Carmen. The total number of employees is more than 500 employees. Accumotive works closely with subsidiary Mercedes-Benz Energy Limited to develop and deploy Mercedes-Benz energy storage units for commercial and industrial use in Carmen.

Daimler is currently investing 500 million euros in Carmen to build a second battery factory, thereby improving the battery production capacity. The new Carmenz new battery plant, less than 50 kilometers from Dresden, will be operational in 2018, covering an area of about 20 hectares, adjacent to existing battery plants, which will increase Carmen's production and logistics area by a factor of four , To 80,000 square meters. At the end of the decade, at Nabern and Carmenz, Accumotive will have more than 1,000 employees, which are now twice as much.

The second battery factory is a carbon dioxide neutralization plant: Daimler's electric power production in the integrated factory, its production stage is essential for sustainable development. The production facility will be powered by combined heat and power and photovoltaic power plants and will be used in conjunction with fixed battery storage units. The new battery plant using the most advanced equipment and technology, will also be developed according to industry standards 4.0.

The third factory will be built in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim. Angtert Helm battery factory will be used as a Mercedes-Benz battery factory. In the future, the company will provide batteries for electric appliances and technology brands produced by the Sindelfingen automobile plant. The battery will be produced by a satellite factory located in Brühl.

The fourth battery factory will be located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Daimler recently announced a $ 1 billion investment in the battery factory.

While the fifth battery factory will be located in Beijing, operated by Beiqi. The new battery factory belongs to a project of Beijing Benz Automobile Co., Ltd. (BBAC), which is a joint venture between Daimler and Beiqi.