Development And Reform Commission: The Next Decade Energy Storage Industry Will Form A Large-scale Development

- Oct 14, 2017-

11, the National Development and Reform Commission revealed that by the Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Science and other ministries and commissions jointly issued to promote energy storage technology and industrial development guidance has been officially released. Plans in the next 10 years to complete the "two-step", so that the formation of large-scale development of energy storage industry, the establishment of a more complete industrial system, a new economic growth point of the field.

Development and Reform Commission: the next decade energy storage industry will form a large-scale development

According to reports, energy storage is a smart grid, renewable energy high proportion of energy systems, as well as energy Internet an important part of the key support technology is to promote the main energy from fossil fuels to renewable energy key technology, is to build energy Internet , To promote the reform of the power system and promote the development of new energy industry, the core basis. At present, China's energy-saving technology R & D applications to accelerate, made some progress, in general, has been initially equipped with the basis of industrialization.

To further accelerate the development of energy storage industry, Development and Reform Commission said that the next 10 years will be two stages to promote the development of energy storage industry related work, the first phase of energy storage from the R & D demonstration to the initial transition to commercialization; the second stage to achieve commercialization To scale the development of change.

Development and Reform Commission, the future will be the layout of a number of leading role in the demonstration of major energy storage pilot project to further strengthen the power system reform and energy storage development market mechanism of the coordination of docking, combined with the formation of electricity market research energy storage application price mechanism. To break the barriers to equipment access, the main body, data exchange, trading mechanism and other aspects of policy barriers to study the development of new energy storage model to adapt to the characteristics of the financial, insurance and other relevant policies and regulations. Strengthen the management and protection of energy management technologies, products and models.