E Era Leader OptimumNano Fight To Subsidy Stage Of The Battle

- Dec 09, 2017-

"E era leader" - OptimumNano fight "to subsidy" stage of the battle

As China's earliest media for new energy vehicles, the Economic Observer's profound anatomy of the phenomenon in the automotive industry has become the consensus of the business community in China and even society. It is known as the most influential new energy automotive media in China. Uphold the "China's power, the world's focus," the original intention of this event attracted many experts and scholars in the industry, opinion leaders and the mainstream media participation, line-up, quite authoritative. Yang Jianlong, vice minister of Industrial Economics Research Department of the State Council Development Research Center, Wang Hongguang, vice president of the Development Strategy Research Institute of the Ministry of Science and Technology of PRC, and Zhang Guohua, dean of the Traffic Planning Institute of the National Development and Reform Commission Urban Center attended the conference and focused on how to push forward the new energy industry to break the existing development resistance In the era of subsidies to further promote the promotion of consumption, to create a hot topic such as traffic wisdom delivered a keynote speech.

Forum dialogue experts photo

Zhongmou Guang, Chairman Secretary of OptimumNano Energy Co., Ltd., was invited to attend the forum dialogue on the theme of "to tackle the tough battle of new energy vehicles during the subsidy phase" and delivered a speech on the development of new energy vehicles in the post-subsidization era My point of view is that "the downslope is inevitable, but as of 2014, Watermark has already made a product plan based on the national policy and planning from the perspective of 20% of the country's withdrawal from the state," indicating that Watermar does not depend on the state subsidies Make up a firm attitude. The forum dialogue was chaired by Deputy Secretary General of China Automobile Dealers Association Wang Du. Participants included Mr. Xi Zhongmin, Deputy General Manager of Guangzhou Automobile New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., Vice Party Secretary and Chief Brand Officer of Beijing New Energy Vehicle Marketing Co., Ltd. Hu Enping, Reading Automotive Brand Management Minister Xin Caibao.

This year, the industry laughed that power batteries are the "sandwich biscuits" of the new energy automobile industry chain. With the improvement of market demand and the change of national policies, the pressure of cost control and product performance increase. In the third Forum Dialogue on the theme of "Remodeling the Value Chain of the New Energy Automotive Industry under the New Situation", Zhong Mengguang expressed his views on how to reduce the promotion cost and reduce the cost. Improve energy density in two aspects under a full effort.

Forum Dialogue: Value Chain Remodeling of New Energy Automotive Industry under New Situation

First of all, Watma uses three paths to reduce costs:

First, improve the process, reduce material costs. The use of battery boxes, battery module standardization, reducing the types of materials, while reducing the PACK system functions overlapping part of the system to reduce costs.

Second, the use of intelligent manufacturing to expand the scale effect and improve the yield, reduce production costs. Since 2016, Watermar actively introduces fully-automated production equipment to create an automated production workshop and realize cost control at labor and management costs. Taking 1GWH PACK production line as an example, the cost of manual production is reduced from 33 million to the current 2.5 million with annual cost savings of 30.5 million.

Third, retired batteries and scrapped batteries for echelon use, reducing life cycle costs. Currently, Watermar has started power battery recycling project, building a recycling network based on reverse logistics to build a complete power battery recycling industry chain.

In terms of energy density improvement, the cell energy density is improved through capacitance increase, voltage increase and weight reduction. At the same time, the maximum utilization of space is improved by optimizing the overall layout and the hierarchy is reduced as much as possible at the whole system level. In addition, New group of methods, new materials, new technology applications and the ultimate design of four design, the new group of large modular design and integrated design, extreme design needs to find the best design point and remove excess design. It is expected early next year, Watermar single cell up to 160 Wh / kg.

At present, foreign car manufacturers in China to accelerate construction, local car prices continue to extend upstream and downstream. Forum dialogue, the electric car observer editor Qiu Jun on the "new energy vehicles OEM and parts relations with the past fuel truck era will be different," the topic of dialogue to the business representatives to ask questions. Zhong Mengguang believes that this model is essentially different from the previous era of fuel-efficient vehicles. First of all, is the role of change, from supporting role to the protagonist. Secondly, from the attitude point of view, China has been more passive in participating in the global value chain division of labor from the past into a pro-active participation in the remodeling of the value chain. Furthermore, judging from the way in which value is realized, China has gone from single solo to individual enterprises to deep cooperation in the industrial alliances. Finally, judging from the value boundary, with the advent of Internet + car and AI technology, the industrial ecology will also be reshaped.

Awards ceremony scene

At the awards ceremony of the New Energy Annual Meeting, as a key part of the new energy automotive industry chain, Watermar won the "2017 China New Energy Automobile Outstanding Contribution Award. "

New energy automotive industry is in a new wave of technological revolution and industrial vents, Waterma will keep up with the new trends in the reform of new energy automotive industry, and actively explore the "core" technology to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, to win "to subsidize Stage of new energy vehicles continue to contribute to the "core" strength!