Electric Car Time - Sharing Lease Dilemma To Be The First Case Of Premature Death

- Mar 15, 2017-

In addition to capital, in the electric car, time-sharing leasing is also faced with a series of difficult problems, the cost of investment, the user groups do not buy it, power battery mileage and charging infrastructure construction is poor, and profit model is not clear and a series of problems.

Electric car time-sharing rental market appeared the first case of premature death.

March 10, Friends of the car officially announced to stop the operation, return all the user account deposits, and said the direct cause of the outage is "before the signing of the investment money is not in place."

According to the analysis of the traditional car rental model, car time-sharing leasing the current format is relatively early, has not yet reached the popular stage; in the field of mobile travel, capital is currently focused on sharing bicycles, heavy assets Operating car time-sharing leasing no capital to drive in this area has not yet formed a "hurricane"; In addition, the car time-sharing leasing model has not been fully verified, market education also need a process.

Heavy asset operation

At present, the car time-sharing leasing is mainly used in the 5 km above the short trip, and short time, half-day rent, the use of high-frequency rent. In the shared economy, automatic driving imagination, new energy vehicles and other halo, the electric car time-sharing lease "looks beautiful."

In fact, as a short-rent sharing model, car time-sharing leasing in the domestic development speed is not fast. 2011, the global car rental company Avis in China launched the "time-sharing car" business, time-sharing car rental players have emerged. Data show that as of early 2016, China's car overtime lease about more than 30 large-scale enterprises, the market total fleet size of about 30,000.

Because the time-sharing leasing into the Chinese market is the time point of the domestic new energy vehicles start, and the use of new energy vehicles than the cost of fuel vehicles lower, so the new energy vehicles become China's time-sharing market, the absolute dominant model, the current market More than 95% of the time-sharing rental car for the new energy vehicles.

According to Analysys Internet travel director Zhang Xu introduced the current car rental time each volume is relatively small, the highest is only hundreds of thousands of monthly users, highly competitive.