Electric Vehicle Power Battery System From The Bottom

- May 06, 2017-

At the beginning, a few fuel car owners conspire together to talk to everyone are: how much your car displacement? How much fuel is it? How about accelerating? Such as the topic. Now, the era of new energy vehicles, electric car owners are talking about, how far your car life? How long will my car be charged? What is the battery capacity? However, most of the owners of electric cars to understand their own car is only fur, as your car is what the manufacturers of the battery? Is the ternary lithium battery? Or lithium iron phosphate battery? I am afraid that is not clear, and today we come to a domestic mainstream electric car battery from the end. Look at the secret of each depot battery.

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Representative models: Beiqi EV series

Beiqi new energy EV200 is actually EV150 upgrade products. The profile of the car is almost the same as the EV150, but the front face has been redesigned, using a new style of Beiqi new grille, and a blue element embellishment, thus highlighting its new energy characteristics. In addition, the car bumper using the mouth shape, so that the front face more sense of avant-garde. In addition, EV200 taillights group has also been adjusted, and rear bumper shape more exercise. The new Beiqi EV series models, using from the Providence to provide high-density lithium iron phosphate battery, life mileage can reach 160-200 km, the maximum speed of up to 125 km / h.

Focus: electric vehicle power battery system from the bottom

Purdue Beiqi and Ningde era of cooperation with the company

Ningde era is what a ghost?

Ningde New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (CATL) was established in 2011, the company is headquartered in Ningde, Fujian. The company develops and manufactures lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles and energy storage systems, electric vehicle battery modules, electric vehicle battery systems, powertrain, large-scale power storage systems, smart grid energy storage systems, distributed home energy storage systems, and batteries Management System (BMS).

Focus: electric vehicle power battery system from the bottom

Does Pled only pack the battery?

We inquired about the official website of Pleasant, the enterprise is Ningde era, Beiqi new energy and Peking University first joint venture to build a joint venture, is a new energy battery system solutions provider. The company can for the new energy vehicles, new energy vehicle charging stations and power storage systems and other supporting. In fact, is responsible for the production of Ningde era of battery products packaged into a battery pack, after the delivery of new energy load Beiqi.

Focus: electric vehicle power battery system from the bottom