February New Energy Models Sales Top10 With The Battery?

- Mar 20, 2017-

This has just opened two sessions, the haze of Beijing to come back. Speaking of air quality problems, we have to mention the car exhaust pollution of the living environment, during the two sessions of the government's attention to new energy vehicles have once again heated. However, the new energy vehicles, especially electric cars, the core part of it is no doubt that the battery. Xiaobian finishing in February this year, the best sales of ten new energy models, to see who these models of the strongest battery

Among them, the Beiqi EC series of electric vehicles sold 2,800 units a month, the highest sales of new energy vehicles top, coupled with the sale of 600 Beijing Auto EX series of electric vehicles, Beiqi new energy firmly firmly in the new energy automotive market head The top spot. I am afraid that other models can only look away, continue to work hard. That we start from the new energy battery supply Beiqi talking about it!

Beiqi new energy vehicle performance so good, must not leave the battery power contribution. For example: on the Beiqi EC180, the car uses a capacity of 20.3 degrees of electricity three yuan lithium battery pack, but the new car only supports slow charge, the charging process takes up to 7 hours.

Sanyuan lithium battery has the advantage of high energy density, higher than the volume of energy. However, the ternary material can not be through the acupuncture experiment, in the internal short circuit, the battery case is damaged, it is easy to lead to combustion, explosion and other security incidents. In addition, the three yuan lithium battery life is relatively short, the global nickel, cobalt resource constraints, the market price is higher. However, the current market situation, car companies pay more attention to the three yuan lithium battery higher energy density, enhance the integrated mileage, the maximum meet the requirements of consumers on the mileage, so I believe that the future of Beiqi new energy products will be more The use of three yuan lithium battery.

Ranked second in the knowledge of beans D2, Geely's a new energy electric vehicles. In terms of power, 2017 models of beans D2 models are equipped with three yuan lithium battery, the new car speed up to 100km / h, constant speed mileage of 180km, 100 kilometers only 8 degrees electricity. Charging pile can be directly connected 220V home power, 6-7 hours or so can be satisfied with the beans D2 full of electricity, and the battery also enjoy eight years or 120,000 km of quality assurance, so the monthly sales of 2206, ranked second, credit Naturally there is a battery of it