Following The Wind After The Ningde Era And State-owned Electric Car Reached A Strategic Cooperation

- Mar 03, 2017-

Recently, the country can electric car Sweden Limited (NEVS) and Ningde era of new energy technology Co., Ltd. in Beijing signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

Under the agreement, NEVS and Ningde era will establish a comprehensive strategic partnership, the two sides will carry out in-depth technical exchanges and research and development cooperation, build industry ecology. NEVS said the company will Ningde era as its most important auto power battery partners, the use of their own resources to support the international development of Ningde era. Ningde era that will be independent research and development production of high-quality, high-security power battery system to ensure the full release of NEVS capacity.

As the main acquirer of Saab Motor, established in 2012, the state-owned electric vehicle Sweden Co., Ltd. (NEVS) is owned by China Capital Holding International Energy Sweden Co., Ltd., Beijing State Research Exchange Investment Management Co., Ltd., Beijing Zhongyu Green Investment Management Co., Ltd. jointly set up a new energy vehicle R & D and production enterprises.

January 20, 2017, the National Development and Reform Commission, the national investment project online approval platform released NEVS new energy vehicle construction project approval publicity, NEVS become following the new energy Beijing, Chery new energy and other manufacturers, the ninth to obtain new pure electric production qualification of enterprises.

At present, NEVS has been through cooperation with the national grid, China Aerospace, China Poly, Panda New Energy, Japan Renesas and other enterprises in different areas and levels of cooperation to build the industrial ecological environment. After obtaining approval from the National Development and Reform Commission to build a pure electric passenger car business, NEVS completed the layout of the industrial base between China and Switzerland.

In fact, as a leading domestic battery enterprises leading enterprises, which is four months Ningde era and car enterprises signed a second strategic agreement, last December, Ningde era and Dongfeng formally signed a strategic framework agreement. Agreement, the two sides will work together to build a new energy automotive industry in the field of cooperation platform.

"Whether from the perspective of healthy development of the industry, or from the perspective of technological development, the industrial chain enterprises should be the depth of the deep trend of cooperation." Guo Xuan high-tech president Fang Jianhua said to the senior lithium power grid, car prices and power Battery companies and cooperation should not stay in the simple trading relationship, but should be from the product development, business model expansion, capital cooperation and other aspects of depth collaboration.

As another domestic power battery leader, Guoxuan Hi-Tech has been and including Beiqi new energy, JAC and other car enterprises reached a strategic cooperation.

View the domestic new energy vehicles in the field of car prices and power battery business strategic cooperation, can be divided into two kinds, a strategic cooperation is only based on simple price factors and product supply short-term consideration, the other is for the product Development, market development, business model innovation and other multi-dimensional considerations and the formation of the depth of binding cooperation.

Fang Jianhua said that simply stay in the product price and supply of strategic cooperation will not go too far from the traditional car prices and the engine business model of cooperation, only in the process of cooperation to establish a new business model and ecological cycle , Will be more meaningful. Especially in the new energy automotive products have not yet achieved full life cycle verification, the basic infrastructure is not yet under the background of the next, the depth of the industry chain collaboration seems to have value.

At the same time, the GAO Research Institute (GGII) reminds that despite the trend of cooperation between car prices and battery companies, but for the followers follow, in cooperation before the full contact and consideration, both to do Good risk control, more importantly, in the choice of the full consideration of each other in product development, production capacity to follow up on the rhythm, to ensure that the two sides in the cooperation of the matching degree.