For Model 3 Open Tesla Will Be Discontinued Entry-level Model S 75

- Jul 27, 2017-

for Model 3 open Tesla will be discontinued entry-level Model S 75

Tesla officially announces the sale of the Model S 75 entry-level rear-wheel drive version, which is open for Model 3.


Consumers can still book this model now, expected to be delivered in September, but the purchase channel is expected to close soon after. This is bound to increase the upcoming version of Model 3 and Model S between the difference. Model 3 is expected to be priced at $ 35,000, and the current rear-wheel drive version of the Model S starting at $ 69,500, after the sale of this model, Model S from the price rose to $ 74,500.

In addition, the sale of this model also means that Tesla's Model S and Model X models will use dual-motor and all-wheel drive configuration.

Tesla had a precedent for the sale of the entry model, a few months ago model was tragically "poison" hand, then Model S entry model became the price of 75,000 US dollars Model S RWD 75. We all guess the Model 3 entry model will also be rear-wheel drive, priced at $ 35,000, users can upgrade to all-wheel drive and high-capacity battery. From Tesla to the user delivery of the first Model 3 there are five days, when we will bring the latest first-hand message.