Foreign Car Enterprises To Accelerate The Localization Of New Energy Vehicles After The Competition Will Be Seriously Exacerbated The Slope

- Jan 09, 2017-

China's huge market demand for new energy vehicles, more and more foreign brands have also accelerated the pace of the layout of the Chinese market.

From the layout and strategic point of view, the next 3-5 years, foreign car companies are targeting the passenger car market, mainly through the joint venture brand to complete the market occupation. Due to the high cost of imported vehicles, joint venture models in China plant production, the price and product supply has a strong advantage.

At the same time, foreign car prices are moving in the core components "localization" direction, which means that the product will be more price advantage. For new energy vehicles, the power battery is the main factor affecting the cost of decline, foreign car prices, of course, want to control it in the hands. Currently, Mercedes-Benz plans to establish a battery production plant in China, and production of Mercedes-Benz EQ electric vehicles. BMW will also join its Chinese partner Brilliance in Shenyang new battery factory.

From the technical point of view, the majority of foreign car prices first choice plug-in hybrid models made to adapt to China's new energy market, its pure electric vehicle is also accelerating the layout.

In addition, the "low price" has also become an important keyword for its development. Among them, the public together to create cheap electric cars JAC, Nissan will also rely on Kai Chen push the price lower models.

Can be expected, the foreign car enterprises aimed at China's new energy vehicles in the next 3-5 years after the subsidy slump market, once the subsidy is completely out, the joint venture brands will stand with the same starting line domestic brands, and China launched its own brand full impact .

Tesla plans to build factories in China

In 2016, Tesla frequently moves in China, the establishment of a number of stores, shops experience. At the same time, Tesla will also set up production bases in China news. Although the news has not been confirmed, but it can be determined that Tesla has plans to build factories in China. Tesla Zhu Xiaotong, head of China has publicly stated that in order to achieve localization as soon as possible, Tesla is indeed the management of factory site inspection and research. It is expected that Tesla models set up factories in China, the price will drop 1/3.

In addition, the 2016 Guangzhou International Auto Show, Tesla also released with the new national standard charging muzzle to match the charging conversion interface, which means that China's Tesla owners can use the national grid and third-party charging operator's DC Charging pile for charging.

Volkswagen JAC together to create cheap electric cars

In September 2016, Volkswagen (China) Investment Co., Ltd. and JAC officially signed a memorandum of understanding on joint venture cooperation, the two sides will cooperate to develop new energy vehicles. Volkswagen Group (China) President and CEO Heitzman said, corresponding to the current market demand, the public and the JAC will cooperate to build cheap electric cars, will also be more used by local suppliers to provide parts.

According to Volkswagen "2025 strategy", the public in China's new energy vehicle planning will be divided into three stages: First, the gradual introduction of plug-in version of hybrid vehicles, to achieve localization of production. Second, the development of pure electric vehicles for the MQB platform. Third, the introduction of MEB electrification module platform, import custom electric vehicles. The next 3-5 years, Volkswagen plans to put into operation in China 15 new energy vehicles, annual sales will reach 400,000.

Mercedes-Benz will build a battery factory in China and produce pure electric vehicles

Mercedes-Benz announced in September 2016 will invest 10.8 billion US dollars to develop electric vehicles, plans to launch at least 10 pure electric vehicles. Benz will set up a new electric vehicle brand, its pure electric vehicles will be named Mercedes - Benz EQ, the new brand will launch at least four future pure electric vehicles, including two pure electric SUV and 2 pure Electric cars. On the other hand, smart future will also launch 2 pure electric car.

On December 5, 2016, Mercedes-Benz parent company Daimler's China business director Hubertus Troska said at a press conference, Mercedes-Benz plans to establish a battery production plant in China, and production of Mercedes-Benz EQ electric vehicles . Efforts to promote the localization of new energy vehicle production strategy to enhance its sales of new energy vehicles in China market.

BMW Joint Brilliance to build high-voltage battery factory

In September 2016, BMW new energy vehicle conference held in Chengdu, BMW announced that China will provide five cars in the 9 new energy models, including pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles. In the Chinese market, BMW currently has three models BMW i3, BMW i8 two models, BMW 7 Series plug-in hybrid two models, BMW X5 plug-in hybrid. In 2016, the BMW X1 plug-in hybrid version, the new i3, BMW i8 proton red special edition, the new plug-in hybrid SUV has been listed.

In order to accelerate the mass production of new energy vehicles, BMW will jointly with its Chinese partner Brilliance in Shenyang new battery factory, and will directly introduce the German headquarters of the most advanced high-voltage battery energy storage technology for the follow-up BMW plug-in hybrid vehicle battery . The battery plant is expected to start production in 2017.

In the infrastructure construction, BMW and China Putian Information Industry Co., Ltd. to cooperate for the Chinese market research and development and construction of instant charging pile. In 2015 the completion of immediate recharge pile construction 500, 2016 this figure is expected to more than 2000.

In addition, BMW (China) Automobile Trade Co., Ltd. also enjoy car rental with Universal Car Rental Co., Ltd., the layout of the city's new energy vehicles EVCARD operating time-sharing lease service.