Founding New China Expert International Two-ion Batteries

- Nov 02, 2016-

Advanced skills and Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences Shenzhen Tang Yongbing the latest results of research and their research team new high density alumina-graphite double ion skills, broad industry acclaim. If the skills are industrialization, severe impact of existing lithium battery industry format episode.

Low cost, high efficiency of the new battery

"The findings are surprising, it is never reported the new skills", editors told the research results was hired by journals, anonymous reviewers ' assessments that will be passed to Tang Yongbing.

Today's portable electronic devices, electric cars, renewable energy systems in areas such as the primary energy conversion and storage device is lithium-ion batteries, but commercial lithium-ion batteries for low energy density and high production costs, and traditional electrode materials of lithium ion batteries contain toxic metals, batteries discarded will create serious environmental problems. Especially hot battery demands of new energy cars, but now the battery is stopped in a ravine for a new energy cars. Regardless of the lithium-ion battery-powered electric cars, fuel cell-powered cars, there are cost and life journey of challenge.

Tang Yongbing team finds new twin ion Al-graphite high energy density battery, is a new high efficiency, low cost battery for energy storage.

This new battery put traditional lithium ion battery of plus or minus very for has adjustment, with cheap and easy have of graphite instead of now has bulk application Yu lithium ion battery of cobalt acid lithium, and manganese acid lithium, and ternary or phosphate iron lithium as battery of cathode information; selection foil with as battery negative information and negative set fluid; electrolytic liquid by practices lithium salt and carbonate ester class organic solvent constitute. The battery operation principle is different from traditional lithium-ion batteries: charging process, the anion intercalated graphite cathode attack response, and aluminum-lithium alloy aluminum anode attack response, the discharge process, on the other hand. This new reaction mechanism is not only significantly improve the working voltage of the battery (3.8-4.6V), fell sharply with cell mass, volume, and production costs, and improve all the energy density of batteries (~220 Wh/kg).