Four-wheel Low-speed Electric Vehicle Management As Soon As Possible Out Of The Gray Area

- Mar 13, 2017-

"The four-wheel low-speed electric car industry is a vivid case of supply-side reform!" During the two sessions this year, when the delegates enthusiastically discussed the contents of the structural work reform on the supply side in the government work report, the director of the National People's Congress, Longxin Holding Co., Ltd. Bureau Chairman Tu Jianhua words attracted the attention of all parties.


Chairman of the National People 's Congress, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Longxin Holding Co., Ltd

Many people know that "four-wheel low-speed electric car", are from the scenic tourist car and police electric car began. But from 2010 onwards, four-wheel low-speed electric vehicles have entered the Chinese rural and suburbs more and more low-income families. According to statistics, China is currently about 3 million four-wheel low-speed electric vehicles, the industry's annual output has reached 1 million, and maintained a 50% annual growth rate.

"Tujiahua said, four rounds of low-speed electric car prices are mainly concentrated in the 2 to 3 million, mainly to meet the rural, suburban family income between 3 to 80,000 yuan Of low-income groups. Four-wheel low-speed electric vehicles for motorcycles, electric vehicles travel low-income class to provide shelter products, bringing low-income class happiness index to enhance the sharing of social development results, and stable economic growth Made a positive contribution, is a model of supply side reform.

However, this mass needs, the rapid development of new industries are facing many problems. Tu Jianhua said that the lack of industry management standards so that four-wheel low-speed electric vehicles have been walking in the national management of the gray area. Four-wheel low-speed electric car should be attributed to the motorcycle or car management, directly determines the industry can continue to develop.

Tu Jianhua suggested that four rounds of low-speed electric vehicles should be included in the motorcycle category for management. "Low-income groups are very sensitive to the cost of licensing, insurance, driver's license, etc. The cost of using four-wheel low-speed electric vehicles as motorcycles is acceptable to them, or they will buy cars directly." Tu Jianhua said, On the four-wheel low-speed electric vehicles are bike, motorcycle users to upgrade the demand, rather than the relegated version of the passenger car.

Tu Jianhua that China's major cities have "ban on friction", but low-speed four-wheeled electric vehicles into the motorcycle management will not bring problems to urban traffic management. On the contrary, its main use in the suburbs and rural areas, into the motorcycle management, can be hundreds of millions of vehicles in rural areas effectively into the safety management.

In addition, Tu Jianhua suggested that the four-wheel low-speed electric vehicles should be replaced lithium battery to stay a transition period. At present, China has about 95% of the four-wheel low-speed electric vehicles using lead-acid batteries, such as replacement for lithium batteries, vehicle costs will increase by more than 50%, should give enterprises 3 to 5 years of transition period, during the existing lead-acid battery Management, should be the power of the market, according to "who produced, who is responsible for recycling, who is responsible for" the principle of management.