General Car Sales In January Against The New Energy Automotive Industry Calls For Increased Support Efforts

- Feb 27, 2017-

Last year, a year of new energy vehicles in the January sales data suffered a cliff-like decline. According to the data released by the Federation, in January this year, new energy vehicles sold only 5423, down 61%, the chain fell 87%.

Although the impact of various policy changes and holidays, the new energy vehicle sales of the temporary decline is excusable, but the reporter finishing data found that in January the case of the overall situation of the automobile market in January, not included in the new energy vehicle oil Electric hybrid models (hereinafter referred to as mixed car models) sales of 9789, an increase of 53%, this data is not only far more than January plug-in hybrid 1960, is the overall sales of new energy vehicles nearly doubled.

"Oil and electricity hybrid models do not enjoy subsidies, but also to participate in Beijing and other regions Yaohao to licensing, but the terminal sales are more than the government approved the new energy vehicles, their worth pondering," unnamed automotive industry analysts said, Models than the plug-in hybrid more practical, more energy-efficient, consumer choice is proof.

Coincidentally, the hybrid car industry leader in the Toyota recently announced that as of the end of 2017, its hybrid vehicle sales worldwide has exceeded 10 million. Breaking the 10 million results reflect the market for the hybrid model of recognition, the hybrid is also in 2017 ice into a new period of development.

China Automotive Industry Association executive vice president Dong Yang said in an interview, the development of hybrid worthy of being encouraged and expected, not only in the policy, have to rely on their own technology to enhance.

Increased accreditation

The hybrid enters the ice breaking period

It is understood that the hybrid model in 2005 for the first time the introduction of China, but in the next 10 years but did not have a good market reaction. Until 2016, from the sales data point of view, hybrid models full flowering, October sales of up to 7065 units, is nearly 9 times the same period last year, while the cumulative sales of the year mixed with the model is reached 11.1 million. From the market side to further confirm the hybrid as the representative of the energy-saving cars are increasingly recognized by consumers. Although the total volume is small, but the growth rate of considerable, so that the industry in 2017 mixed market is full of expectations.

A Beijing modern staff in an interview with reporters, said that people now for the recognition of hybrid electric power is indeed higher than before. He mentioned that on the one hand the state called for environmental protection and energy conservation, consumer awareness has changed, and coupled with the hybrid car is technically more mature, reflected in the price of the cost of decline, consumers out In the oil and gas hybrid unique performance considerations also began to choose this type of car.

It is understood that on October 26 last year, China's energy-saving and new energy vehicle technology road map was officially released, the first hybrid as the first energy-saving automotive technology, proposed to vigorously develop the hybrid, by 2020 the country's production and production scale 8%. 2025 rose to 20%, 2030 and then promoted to 25%.

But in the industry generally optimistic about the development of hybrid at the same time, this model is also facing problems. The staff also mentioned in the interview, mixed-type car sales over the years why has been relatively sluggish, mainly because of the lack of subsidies and related parts and components technology is still not popular. Pure electric vehicles, policy-oriented is very obvious, but the blending, the state has no subsidies, there is no policy level of support, can only rely on the power of their own business to do. He said that in fact the most suitable for China at this stage of the environment should indeed be mixed with the power of this powertrain, both fuel-efficient, but also because of charging and plagued the daily travel of ordinary people.

The reporter learned that, from the beginning of the new energy vehicles to promote the call to the general hybrid model policy support and subsidy concessions will be heard. Dong Yang, executive vice president of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, expressed support for the development of hybrid cars, he said the hybrid technology should not be ignored, should be appropriate to increase the attention and subsidies for hybrid cars.

But he also mentioned that pure electric, plug-in and fuel cell technology must rely on the government to promote the construction of infrastructure, so it was included in the national project. Hybrid power should be driven by the industry, it does not need the country to build infrastructure can be a good development. Cui Dongshu, Secretary General of the Federation, also expressed a similar view that the sales growth of the blended models can not be completely dependent on the policy, but mainly to improve the technology and reduce costs.

Sales "hot and cold uneven"

Toyota led the popular type

According to the data show by the Federation, as of the end of 2016, the market in the sale of 12 models (excluding imported brands) accounted for 81,000, Japanese hybrid models (including FAW Toyota, Guangzhou Toyota, Guangzhou Automobile Honda, Dongfeng Nissan ) Sales of 7.85 million, accounting for up to 96.9%. Among them, FAW Toyota Corolla Shuanghuang and Guangzhou Automobile Raleigh Shuanghuang two models to 6.95 million cumulative sales accounted for more than 85% of the overall sales; and SAIC-GM Chevrolet's Mai Rui Po XL hybrid models over the same period sales of only 11.

It can be said that when talking about hybrid electric power, most people first think of is Toyota. As of the end of January 2017, its hybrid vehicle global cumulative sales reached 10,094,000. It is understood that, as of now, Corolla Shuanghuang and Raleigh Shuanghong listed 1 year, the cumulative sales of more than 70,000.

For the reason why Toyota's mixed-type sales data highlights the reasons, Cui Dongshu said in the interview, mainly its hybrid models of domestic parts, resulting in relatively low cost, and this is the other joint venture brand generic models can not be compared. According to Toyota China, the relevant person in charge, "At present, in addition to Lexus, Toyota sales in China, domestic hybrid models, the higher cost of the hybrid assembly are domestic production by the domestic parts suppliers supply parts, which Has played an important role in reducing costs. "

For this year's Toyota's development strategy, according to industry analysis, this year, Toyota is bound to speed up the hybrid car in China to promote the progress. After all, the current sale of more models, including Corolla double engine, Ralink double engine and Camry double engine, and the price is relatively cheap.

It is understood that in January this year, FAW Toyota "good start" to achieve sales of 55,000, an increase of 4.6%. And Guangzhou Automobile Toyota also ushered in 2017 "good start", in January to achieve retail sales of 40,100, of which Ralink dual-engine, highland and other models are refreshing single-month sales record. The two ideas in this year's development ideas together is not difficult to find, Toyota will continue to maintain the leading edge, the force of the hybrid market.

FAW Toyota, the company put forward the "2015 to restore physical strength, 2016 steadily, 2017 comprehensive attack" marketing plan, said this year will be up and down the sleeves sprint 700,000 target. Staff said in an interview, still valued the North China region of the market. It is understood that FAW Toyota has made the first phase of success in the North China region, 2017 will be launched in North China's second war "Qilu campaign" to achieve key market breakthroughs.

While Guangzhou Automobile Toyota will launch a variety of new models. The new sedan chair YARiS L will be listed in March, while TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture) the first models and a modified models will also be launched during the year.