General Situation, Problems And Suggestions Of China 's Graphite Industry Development

- Mar 24, 2017-

With China's economic development and growth into the "new normal", economic growth slowed down, the downward pressure exceeded expectations. In order to make our economy in the "new normal" period can be developed steadily, lay the full realization of a well-off society, the new economic pull power is indispensable. "China made 2025", "on the accelerated development of graphene industry, a number of opinions" and "thirteen" plan and a series of major policies introduced to determine the traditional industrial transformation and upgrading as the basis, with high value-added new era China 's manufacturing industry in the "new normal" period to promote economic development of the dominant position. And scientific and technological innovation, new materials is to achieve the new era of China to create great goals indispensable support. Graphene as the 21st century "material crown" on the most bright pearl, will be under the new era of China's scientific and technological innovation pointed out the direction of China's manufacturing to become one of the most powerful focus.

First, China's development of graphene industry

With the advance of graphene industrialization, compared with 2014, the number of small enterprises increased, medium-sized enterprises have been strengthened in large-scale development. As of the end of December 2015, China engaged in research and development of graphene, production, sales, promotion and other related enterprises to reach more than 300, of which there have been graphene-related products in the sale of enterprises has reached 100. The main graphene listed companies increased from 2014 to 4, the layout of graphene related listed companies to more than 10. 2015 as the first year of the outbreak of graphene industry, the domestic industry as a whole revenue of 600 million yuan, compared with 2014 increased by more than 10 times.

1. Development of regional graphene industry

With the local government on the three ministries "on the accelerated development of graphene industry, a number of opinions" (hereinafter referred to as "opinions") "the spirit of the implementation of the document, 2015 China graphene enterprise distribution from the southeast coastal areas have been extended to The entire eastern coastal areas, and gradually to the west to expand, graphene enterprise distribution showed "vertical and horizontal distribution" characteristics.

(1) the Yangtze River Delta region

Yangtze River Delta region is China's early development of graphene is also the domestic graphite industry chain is more perfect area. 2015 Yangtze River Delta region developed a total of more than 170 graphene enterprises, the overall revenue reached 350 million yuan, accounting for 58% of the country's overall sales of graphene industry. Which Changzhou Sixth Element Materials Technology Co., Ltd. and Changzhou two-dimensional carbon technology Co., Ltd. 2 main graphene company listed on the new three boards. Overall, the entire Yangtze River Delta region occupies half of China's graphen industry, the region relying on the local good industrial development platform and improve the industrial development system, formed a cover graphene preparation, new energy, composite materials, thermal management and other fields Of the integrated industry development model. The industry development model for the development of graphene industry throughout the country has played a good demonstration, driven, radiation effect.

(2) the Pearl River Delta region

Pearl River Delta region is the development of China's graphene industry is very active in 2015, the region developed a total of more than 60 graphene enterprises, the overall revenue of 100 million yuan, accounting for 17% of the country's overall sales of graphene industry. July 2015, by the China Graphite Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, China Baoan Group Co., Ltd. Joint Southern Science and Technology University, Tsinghua University and Peking University Shenzhen Research Institute initiated the establishment of the Shenzhen Municipal Advanced Grain Application Technology Research Institute, Shenzhen The city is currently the only one specialized institute for graphene applications. Overall, the Pearl River Delta region is China's graphene industry is extremely active areas, but also the downstream application of graphene market is one of the more rapid development of the region, formed a graphene production, equipment manufacturing as the basis, focusing on breakthroughs in new energy, Health, electric heating, composite materials and other fields of industrial development model for the national graphene industry downstream application market development has played a positive role model.

(3) Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region

Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region is one of the regions with great potential for the development of China's graphene industry. In 2015, the region will develop more than 40 graphene enterprises with an overall revenue of about RMB 40 million.

December 2015, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei graphene industry alliance was established in Beijing, by creating Beijing graphene technology innovation platform, Tianjin graphene engineering platform, Hebei Tangshan graphene industry cluster, to further integrate the three resources, grab the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Coordinated development opportunities, accelerate the development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei graphene industry, the formation of strategic emerging industries in Beijing and Tianjin advanced areas.

Shandong Province, the graphene industry is the domestic development of gravel industry, one of the areas of great momentum. 2015 Shandong Province, the total development of more than 50 graphene enterprises, the overall revenue reached 50 million yuan. Qingdao Huaguo Inking Technology Co., Ltd. is the only one in the northern region of the new three board listed graphene company. Overall, Shandong Province, initially with a graphene industrial chain prototype. Graphene materials, equipment, anti-corrosion coatings, conductive inks, lithium-ion batteries, graphene modified rubber, etc. are layout.

(4) other areas

Fujian Province in 2015 the region a total of more than 10 graphene enterprises, the overall revenue of about 50 million yuan. Among them, Xiamen Kaina graphene Technology Co., Ltd. was in early 2016 to achieve in the new three board market, to become the main product of graphene the first four listed companies.

Southwest region of the graphene industry in Sichuan and Chongqing-based, in 2015 the region developed a total of more than 10 graphene enterprises, the overall revenue of about 20 million yuan.

Northeast 3 provinces of graphene industry mainly in Heilongjiang, 2015, more than 10 graphene-related enterprises, there is no molding products external sales.