Good News! OptimumNano Wins Award For Outstanding Contribution To International Smart Intellectual Development Of New Energy For 2017Belt And Road

- Dec 11, 2017-

good news! OptimumNano Wins \"Award for Outstanding Contribution to International Smart Intellectual Development of New Energy for 2017\" Belt and Road \"

good news! OptimumNano Wins "Award for Outstanding Contribution to International Smart Intellectual Development of New Energy for 2017" Belt and Road "

From December 4 to 6, the 2017 China (Suzhou) International New Energy Frontline Conference sponsored by China New Energy Overseas Development Alliance was held in Suzhou. During the conference, the "International Development of the One Belt and One Road, 2017" new energy was announced Outstanding Contribution Award ", Outstanding Achievements in Outstanding Intelligent Achievements Among many new energy enterprises, OptimumNano has won the" Outstanding Contribution Award for International Intelligence in Intelligent Energy for 2017 "along the Belt and Road.

OpimumNnao Wins "Outstanding Contribution Award for International Intelligent Intelligence in New Energy for 2017" Belt and Road "

The "2017" Belt and Road Award for Outstanding Contributions to International Development of New Energy "was initiated by China Overseas Association for the Development of New Energy and is mainly intended to better respond to and implement the national" One Belt, One Road "strategy and promote the internationalization of new energy enterprises To develop, tap and promote pioneering enterprises that have made outstanding contributions in the "Belt and Road Initiative". At the same time, we commend enterprises that have made outstanding contributions in the international development of new energy sources such as the "One Belt, One Road" in 2017, intelligence intelligence and innovation, and international innovation through strict procedures such as consultation, recommendation, application and organization selection.

Awards ceremony scene

OpimumNnao is able to win the Award for Outstanding Contribution to International Smart Intelligence in 2017 for the Belt and Road Initiative. This award is mainly due to the significant benefits of creating a smart factory and the strategy of "going global" ahead of schedule.

In order to respond positively to the grand plan of "Made in China 2025", OpimumNnao actively established a smart factory, fully implemented a fully-automated production workshop and realized intelligent battery production and management. Wisdom Manufacturing not only enhances the manufacturing efficiency of Watmar, reduces artifacts produced by the product, but also greatly improves the pass rate, product consistency and stability of each process. Another important advantage is that it reduces costs and increases efficiency for the enterprise. Fully automated transformation to greatly enhance production efficiency, saving a lot of manpower needs and costs. Taking 1GWH PACK production line as an example, the number of workers is reduced from 365 to 28, saving 30.35 million of annual costs.

 Going Global has always been one of Walter's development strategies. As early as 2011, OpimumNnao had already opened up the European market and provided the EU with 2,000 pure electric buses powered by OpimumNnao New Energy vehicle battery systems. With the national strategy of "One Belt and One Road" promoted, as a state-level high-tech enterprise devoted to become the leader of power battery system of new energy vehicles, OpimumNnao has made a breakthrough in the construction of "Silk Road New Energy Zone" . At present, Wal-Mart's overseas business has expanded to more than 40 countries and regions on six continents, and the leading international technical standards are widely recognized by overseas customers.

At the forum, Shi Zenghui, manager of Overseas Region of OpimumNnao Group, delivered a wonderful speech entitled "A New Era of Energy Storage with Cores", focusing on the energy storage innovative applications of OpimumNnao - energy storage station system, mobile energy storage system, Home energy storage system, operation monitoring system four storage system. At the same time, the guests were also invited to showcase the future plans of OpimumNnao on the MCDC and distributed PV off-grid large-scale energy storage and power supply system, arousing enthusiastic response.

The "Belt and Road Initiative" and international capacity cooperation have set a good platform for enterprises to "go global". With the help of the "One Belt, One Road" strategy of national development, OpimumNnao will continue to base itself on the forefront and rely on its own brand, technology and other aspects It has the advantage of promoting the in-depth cooperation between countries along the Belt and Road in areas such as new energy and contributing to the "core" impetus to the energy supply, economic development and environmental improvement in countries along the Belt and Road through green energy!