Green Logistics Strategy Launches OptimumNano Technology Innovation To Promote Logistics Transformation And Upgrading

- Dec 27, 2017-

Green Logistics Strategy Launches OptimumNano Technology Innovation to Promote Logistics Transformation and Upgrading

Recently, the Ministry of Commerce released the "Special Plan of Action for Effective Distribution of Urban and Rural Areas (2017-2020)", clearly stated that it will comprehensively promote the delivery of new energy vehicles and give convenient access to public transportation, and at the same time, strengthen the public warehousing and charging facilities required for urban distribution And the venue. With the strong support of national and local policies, the green revolution of a new energy logistics car is overwhelming.

In order to promote the operation of pure electric logistics car, December 26, the People's Government of Lu'an City and China optimumnano,lithium battery,32700,lifepo4 battery New Energy Vehicle Industry Innovation Alliance (hereinafter referred to as: optimumnano Innovation Alliance), Shenzhen optimumnano Battery Co., Ltd., With the theme of "Green Logistics, Future of Light Emblem," 2017 China (Lu'an) New Energy Automobile Industry Forum will be held in Lu'an, Anhui Province. Lu'an Municipal Committee, United Front Work Department Wang Qi, Lu'an Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor of municipal government Shu-Long Xu, China Warehousing and Distribution Association co-distribution branch Secretary-General Guo Lei Chao, Professor of Germany Ulm University Xie, Walter Innovation Alliance chairman , Li Yao, Chairman of optimumnano Group, Ma Shiheng, President of Anhui Nanxiang Group, Ding Haiquan, Chairman of Anhui Sanrui New Energy, etc. Hundreds of government and government leaders, experts and scholars and elites of the logistics industry attended the forum.

Lu'an Municipal Committee, Vice Mayor Shu Xuelong speech

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the forum, Liu Xunlong, member of the Lu'an Municipal Committee and vice mayor of the municipal government, said that Lu'an has obvious economic advantages and great potential for development. He hoped that this forum could promote the practical application of new energy logistics vehicles and build a beautiful Lu'an, to promote green development to provide more power.

 At a keynote speech at the forum, Wang Teqiang, Secretary General of optimumnano Innovation Alliance, pointed out that as a pioneer in the new energy automotive industry, the optimumnano

Innovation Alliance will seize the opportunity of the times and actively respond to the call for building a beautiful China to comprehensively promote the transformation of the logistics industry upgrade.

Wang Teh-keung, Secretary General, optimumnano Innovation Alliance
Release "Innovation Alliance Green Logistics Strategy"

In this forum, Walter Innovation Alliance also formally released its green logistics strategy. The Innovation Alliance will provide full chain innovation from product to service and management in five aspects of technology, product, service, mode and management to provide users with green transportation with high safety, high protection, high efficiency and high efficiency product and service.

As a core enterprise in the optimumnano Innovation Alliance, optimumnano will give full play to its own technological advantages and promote the green logistics strategy. optimumnano's important response is to take the lead in establishing the first-class Power Battery Research Institute in China and to unite the upstream and downstream industries. The core components and key technologies such as power battery, electric motor and electric control are developed from material, structure, power, technology and mode And other aspects of in-depth study. Through the group of cells and PACK lightweight, reduce the energy consumption of logistics vehicles, and from fast charge battery technology, high and low temperature technology, safety testing, long cycle life of four areas to improve and extend the logistics vehicle mileage while , But also protect the safe operation of logistics vehicles.

In recent years, Watmar addition to fast charge, low temperature technology breakthroughs in innovation, the rich product line is also full of horsepower. In this forum, the chairman of optimumnano Innovation Alliance and Chairman of optimumnano Battery Li Yao formally announced a major strategy:optimumnano batteries stationed in Lu'an New Energy Automobile Industrial Park will open 3GWh 21700 model ternary Battery automatic production lines, and will reach the advanced level in the industry. Ternary battery on the line, will be pure electric trolley to provide more diverse options, enrich the product line, enhance industrial competitiveness.

At present, optimumnano Innovation Alliance has built 1000 rental outlets, more than 1000 logistics enterprises through the Alliance operating platform consignment of goods, has accumulated over 5,000 mobile fill tram, building charging stations 500, more than 5,000 charging pile, the initiative to charge The strategic layout of "two horizontal and one vertical" of the network landed. The first charging line of China's first 1000-kilometer mainline (Hubei Shiyan-Shanxi Linfen-Inner Mongolia Hohhot) was completed and put into operation in October 2016.

Regarding the future logistics development plan of Innovation Alliance, Wang Xueqiang said that WOTMA Innovation Alliance will continue to increase the deployment of new energy logistics vehicles in Lu'an and promote LAC to become a green-flow automobile cluster development base and a model city for the promotion and application of radiation in Anhui province . As a new energy vehicle "heart" provider, optimumnano will also continue to play the advantages of technological innovation, to promote the transformation and upgrading of logistics to create the source of power.