Guangzhou Automobile New Energy Pingsha Bid For BYD?

- Jul 27, 2017-

The first half of this year, BYD to 34,600 results won the "first half of 2017 China's new energy automotive market sales of the first", which not only benefit from its perfect product layout, but also reflects its adherence in the field of new energy.

Nowadays, more and more car prices are investing in the new energy market under the multiple policy changes in the sale subsidy and the "Interim Measures for the concurrent management of the average fuel consumption and new energy vehicles".

July 21, with BYD in Guangdong Province, Guanghua Chuanqi also released its first new energy pure electric vehicle - GE3 to the official price of 22.28 million -24.58 million (in Beijing, for example, the car deduction subsidies After the sale price of 150,200 yuan -17.32 million) announced the formal entry into the pure electricity market, but also indicates that the Guangzhou Automobile Group, the establishment of new energy vehicles into the countdown.

New energy to start without soldiers

Guangzhou Automobile Group's own business - Chuan Qi brand can be said in the last two years in the fire of the rising channel. The first half of this year, Chuanqi brand cumulative sales of 250,000, an increase of 57%, continue to maintain rapid growth momentum, the annual target completion rate of 50.2%.


There are two points which can not be ignored, one for the Kee brand in all kinds of models in the balanced growth, that is not only SUV models (including medium-sized SUV - GS8 to sell more than 8,000 vehicles, to establish its own brand of benchmark), car Also made a relative growth (GA6 and GA8 are in their own brand of the same level of the leading position).

Second, for the autonomous business (Kwong Chuan Chuan) almost accounted for half of the Group's profit (profit is the fundamental business, rather than sales). In fact, in the annual report of 2016, Guangzhou Automobile Chuanqi to 3.043 billion yuan net profit reached nearly half of the level of the first quarter of this year is still the continuation of this momentum (2017 semi-annual report is not out).

In the traditional fuel truck gradually stabilized the background, as the group "thirteen five" an important strategic project, the new energy also has enough energy to start.