Guoxuan Hi-Tech In 2016 Net Profit Of 1.04 Billion Yuan, An Increase Of 78%

- Mar 01, 2017-

February 28 released 2016 annual results Express, the reporting period the company achieved total revenue of 4.758 billion yuan, an increase of 73.3%; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 1.039 billion yuan, an increase of 77.79%.

Guoxuan Hi-Tech said that the performance growth mainly due to 2016 China's new energy automotive market demand to maintain a good growth, the company power lithium battery capacity to further increase the company's power lithium battery sales growth, attributable to shareholders of listed companies to achieve synchronous growth in net profit.

Prior to accept the investment institutions, Guoxuan Hi-Tech revealed that the company is accelerating product technology upgrades, lithium iron phosphate cell battery energy density will be able to reach 150-160wh / kg, to meet the group after the battery system is greater than 115wh / kg Technical standards; the company's new generation of three yuan cathode material production line has started construction, is expected to put into operation in 2017, when the company will complete the high specific energy ternary cathode material self-sufficiency. The company ternary battery energy density will be further increased by 10% to 195-200wh / kg.

Guo Xuan Hi-Tech said that according to the company's finalists in the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2016 the first batch of national key research and development projects, the company will focus on new energy vehicles a new round of technological transformation opportunities, ahead of the deployment of the next generation of technology development. By 2020, the next generation of high specific energy battery production, single cell core energy density greater than 300Wh / kg, cycle life of more than 1500 times, and fast charge, magnification, consistency and many other performance indicators to achieve technology breakthrough.

In 2017, Guoxuan Hi-Tech in the field of power batteries from the "high energy, high security, long life, low cost," the four dimensions to promote the power battery innovation and industrialization of the country's high-tech engineering research institute executive vice president Yang continued to introduce development of.

First, through the lightweight design to promote the development and application of high specific energy batteries. In the three yuan battery industry at the same time, through the upgrading of the material to speed up the lithium iron phosphate core energy density.

Second, through the multi-level protection system to improve the safety of power batteries. Specifically, from the material, batteries, modules, systems, four aspects of a comprehensive upgrade. Yang continued to introduce, Guoxuan Hi-Tech's multi-level protection design will be applied in 2017 all the main models.

Third, through high consistency to enhance the battery life of power. In the manufacturing consistency, Guoxuan by enhancing the level of equipment engineering, and enhance equipment management awareness, and equipment suppliers to strengthen the close cooperation and achieve win-win situation, through the use of information technology to achieve timely and effective monitoring, in the use of consistency, Including high-precision BMS, thermal management system, remote monitoring platform to ensure the use of consistency.

Fourth, focus on the use of the whole life cycle, the maximum low system costs. Improve the utilization rate of raw materials and product quality, to jointly develop the battery recycling and echelon use of related technologies and markets, 2017, Guoxuan high-tech energy storage market sales scale of about 10 billion yuan, and built a battery dismantling resource recovery pilot Line, day handling 2000 batteries.