Half Battery Career Quickly Increased

- Nov 02, 2016-

China National light industry information center and the China battery industry Association published light battery in the first half of the index. Light battery index 110.18 in June, during which time: production index to 105.91, sold production prosperity index was 105.66, export climate index to 108.10, property climate index to 125.29, profit index to 111.95.

2011 2 light batteries climate index in April was 129.23, 130.01, 120.8, for 3 consecutive months is located "overheating" interval, occupation has a tendency to overheat, light battery in 5 June sentiment index decreased from "overheating" and back to "hot" tips, and showed a slightly downward trend. June light battery light index in the index is higher than 3.71%, during which cell property climate index higher than light property climate index in 19.45%, significantly higher than the level of occupation of property value.

Analysis of induction, 2011 1-June, my battery fast trend of increasing professional, in the "new energy battery hot" units under the fixed property, increase vigor, new projects financed, femoral artery and professional profits improved. But the second half of the Credit squeeze, raw materials and rising labor cost and other factors will lead to battery production costs rise, while heavy metal pollution management, eliminate backward production capacity, inter alia, the gradual implementation will enable battery career slowdown, in light of sentiment or the battery back to normal size.