Hot Ternary Cathode Material

- Feb 15, 2017-

January 2017, Xiamen tungsten industry announcement, the company intends to wholly owned subsidiary of Xiamen Xiamen tungsten new energy materials Co., Ltd. and Fujian Mindong Electric Co., Ltd. in Ningde City, the establishment of a joint venture Ningde Ha new energy materials Co., Ltd., co-investment and construction With an annual output of 20,000 tons of automotive lithium ion ternary material production lines, the main production and sales of high nickel ternary materials.

Xiamen tungsten industry, said that in view of the current automotive lithium-ion ternary material market is in a rapid growth period, the company through this investment to expand the high nickel ternary material production capacity, will meet the growing needs of customers will be the next few years of lithium Development lay a good foundation.

Cathode material multipath

Cathode material is the most critical lithium battery raw materials, positive and negative materials is the key to determine the performance of power batteries. Cathode material mainly affects the lithium ion battery energy density, safety, cycle life and other properties. As the lithium-ion battery cathode material in the proportion of the cost of the battery can be as high as 40%, so its cost also directly determines the level of battery costs.

Lithium-ion batteries are divided into a variety of technical routes, including the mainstream technical routes include lithium cobalt oxide (LCO), lithium manganese oxide (LMO), nickel cobalt cobalt manganate ternary material (NCM), nickel cobalt aluminate ternary material (NCA) and lithium iron phosphate (LFP).

Comparison of Common Cathode Materials and Properties

Power lithium battery inflection point: hot ternary cathode material (with 2016 top ten list)

At present, the mainstream of the new energy vehicles on the market of power battery cathode material selection is also ternary materials, lithium manganese oxide and lithium iron phosphate-based. In the field of power batteries, lithium iron phosphate cathode material has a long cycle life, excellent safety performance, good high temperature performance and relatively low price, and lithium iron phosphate material its low temperature performance and magnification discharge has been able to achieve cobalt Lithium level, is currently on the market mainstream power battery material, but due to the energy density defects, while its product consistency and low temperature performance is poor, is gradually replaced by ternary materials.

"Lithium iron phosphate in the energy density, capacity, compaction and so there is a lot of room for growth, lithium iron phosphate in the safety of the advantages of great." Stran general manager Li Shixiang said.