HP Frequently Recalled The Laptop Battery Caused The Outside World Questioned

- Feb 12, 2017-

Hewlett-Packard as a global large-scale technology companies, because the battery has repeatedly recalled notice, can not help but ask consumers, in addition to technical reasons, whether there are other reasons?

Summary of public opinion

In the battery problem on the wrong manufacturers not only Samsung, and now HP Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as HP Technology) also unfortunately thunder.

Recently, the State Administration of Quality Supervision, official website issued a message that the battery may be overheating, will lead to fire and burn risk, HP technology recalled notebook computers using lithium-ion battery, recall the release of the country or region is the United States, recall up to 101000 units.

In fact, as early as June 2016 and November, HP technology based on the same reasons for the flaws in the United States recalled 45100 problems laptop battery.

In addition to the recall in the United States, Hewlett-Packard last year, because the battery pack may be overheating, resulting in fire and burn hazards and other defects in China, Australia and the European Union and other regions recalled the defective products.

Although the recall area is not in China, but because of HP technology because of battery problems in many countries have occurred many times recall, so this news, it triggered a number of media attention.

However, in the above-mentioned recall information published ten days later, Hewlett-Packard once again in the State Administration of Quality Supervision filed a recall plan, that is, to expand the recall part of March 2013 to May 2014 production of HP laptop battery pack. After expanding the scope of the recall, the number of battery packs affected in mainland China totaled 22097.

The reason for the recall is still the battery defects, that is, because the batteries in the production process mixed with metal foreign body, and part of the electrode coating material thickness exceeded, resulting in the battery may be short-circuit, the use of the laptop, the battery may be overheating or burning Security risks. After the recall, HP Technology will recall the scope of the battery pack to take free replacement measures to eliminate security risks.

Hewlett-Packard for many times because of the same issue to recall the relevant products, causing the industry and friends hot, but as of press, HP technology has not yet made a public statement on the issue.

An Analysis of the Trend of Attention in Public Opinion

January 24, the State Administration of Quality Supervision, the official website released due to battery problems, HP recalled in the United States notebook computer information, did not immediately cause media and microblogging users attention.

January 25, NetEase Finance, Tencent Technology, Phoenix Technology and other mainstream financial technology sites will have to pay attention to this matter, HP spokesman said the affected products less than this period of HP notebook computer sales of 1%.

The traditional media "Beijing Daily" further spread the topic to the paper media platform, expanding the way the event spread, enhance the topic of public opinion.

January 26, North Green Network, the interface news, the World Wide Web also began to pay attention to the topic, with more media attention to the topic of continuous, public opinion heat a sharp warming. According to the new media data monitoring platform "new micro-state" data, the day of HP's recall of defective battery topic news attention to heat and microblogging attention to heat at the same time peak.

From the media coverage of the content, in addition to the disclosure of information on the disclosure of disclosure, there are a small number of media questioned the battery out of a problem, in addition to technical reasons, whether there are other reasons? In addition, the "drive China" also reported that HP can be forgiven, always after the product sold only to find the problem, affecting the consumer product experience does not say that the reputation of their own products can also cause adverse effects, Of HP products as before and its "frequent recall" about it?

January 27 to February 2, during the Spring Festival holiday, the HP science and technology recall the problem of the topic of public opinion heat has been low in the hovering.

February 3, the first day of work, the State Administration of Quality Supervision official website once again announced that Hewlett-Packard technology due to battery security risks will expand the recall part of March 2013 to May 2014 production of HP (HP) laptop battery pack , Triggering a new round of public opinion, but compared to a few days before the public opinion heat significantly slowed down.

According to the "new micro-state" data, the interface news, a little information related to the amount of reading in the top of the tweet, microblogging users "IT House" "ZOL Zhongguancun Online" published posts related to the number of posts and comments in the forefront.

Analysis of User 's Opinion Tendency

On the relevant news and microblogging users comments and comments for random sampling analysis found that: more than three percent of users said they bought the HP product battery fever serious, no longer buy HP products; more than two percent of users that the recall is responsible for the enterprise Reflect, should support; another nearly two percent of users said they use the HP products, the battery does not exist heat problems; there are some friends that domestic products are good, to support domestic products.

The same encounter, never buy HP products, 33%

User "~ ~ ~ River": HP product problems too much, computer fever, the battery with a year of basic scrapped, regret to buy it!

User "cross lock snake": the first notebook is HP, and then do not buy things after the HP!

Recall is a responsible embodiment of the enterprise, 26%

User "Kangkang": in a certain range of problems, you can understand, than the kind of problem is not good! Recall is a responsible performance.

User "duba266": battery recall is quite normal thing, I still believe that HP quality!

Own use of HP products, the battery is no problem, 18%

User "i'm me": Hewlett-Packard battery nothing ah, with a few years, nothing matter, not my classmates Lenovo computer battery easy to heat it

Or domestic products are good, support domestic products, 17%

Friends "will fly to the wording": or domestic good! Samsung is South Korea, China is only a partner, I use the HUAWEI, firmly support the domestic goods!

Other, 6%

User "Wuxi North Street": There are still points of the product?

User "is not easy to live": fear of Samsung nightmare replay!

Media reports analysis

According to the new media data monitoring platform "new micro state" data, Baidu news, little information, Sohu news and Tencent news on the topic of higher attention.

From the content of the report, most of the media is mainly on the HP technology recall notice of the disclosure. For example, Tencent Technology disclosed that the notebook affected by the recall, including Compaq, HP ProBook, HP ENVY, Compaq Presario and HP Pavilion series, the price difference is huge, from $ 300 cheap notebook to $ 1,700 high-end products are no Can escape the doom, these affected notebook production date from March 2013 to October 2016; consumers should immediately disable these need to recall the battery, remove it from the notebook and contact HP for free replacement.

Some media have noticed that HP Technology is not the first to announce a recall because of battery problems.

"Beijing Daily" published an article, as early as 2016 in June, HP announced the recall for the global laptop battery. At that time pointed out that from March 2013 to August 2015 in the global sales of the company's notebook computers, HP said that the laptop battery overheating. But from the current point of view HP seems more of a formalism, and did not strengthen the quality control, led to the June announcement of the recall, and then June to October still still sell the existence of security risks of the product.

"Beijing Business Daily" said that this is not the first time HP recall notebook parts. HP recalled a battery with overheating problems in 2011 and recalled a failed power cord in 2014. Insiders pointed out that the global computer market downturn so that PC manufacturers days better, and the quality of the frequent, for HP will be worse. Although the HP official said that the recall of the battery is produced by Panasonic laptop battery, before the battery without any problems, recently found the problem, HP immediately take measures, is currently informing customers that there may be a risk of battery fire, in order to ensure user safety, HP Decided to take the initiative to recall the existence of these hidden hot batteries.

But there are still a few media questioned: 2013 battery problems, why after a lapse of 3 years to recall?

"Beijing News" issued a document that Panasonic has been deep "battery door", and the use of its battery manufacturers HP why unresponsive? The text of the "Beijing News" quoted the views of the industry, laptop battery problems have been there, it is likely that before the customer complaints, companies are not aware of the seriousness of the problem, After all, the cost of recall, the company also has an impact on reputation. Large companies usually take other measures to individually resolve user complaints, not to allow users to rise to scale events. And once the user complaints, causing the relevant departments, institutions concerned, the company should also pay attention and recall when necessary.

Comments on public opinion

Hewlett-Packard Technology as a global information technology company, in recent years, many times for the global recall notebook battery problems, will naturally lead the industry's attention.

From the means of public opinion, the first concern about the matter is also some financial class, science and technology media, such as Tencent Technology, Phoenix Technology, NetEase Finance, and information technology and cloud finance, China Electronics News, DoNews, etc., in line with public opinion expected.

According to statistics, similar to the recall notice, HP technology is not the first time, since 2008, eight years, HP technology at least five notebook battery recall events, respectively, in October 2008, HP due to laptop battery overheating Recalled Sony produced about 74,000 batteries; May 2009 and May 2010, HP has twice recalled 70,000 and 54,000 laptop batteries; June 2011 HP in the global recall of 16.26 million laptop batteries, Of which 78740 in China, accounting for half of the number; and then in June 2016, Hewlett-Packard technology again because of the problem of overheating of the battery recalled affected products related to the Chinese region involving 6726; and 2017 January this expansion of the recall.

Hewlett-Packard as a global large-scale technology companies, because the battery has repeatedly recalled notice, can not help but ask consumers, in addition to technical reasons, whether there are other reasons? There are media and users questioned the battery problem-prone, why not timely replacement of suppliers. However, the face of the media and consumers questioned, HP Technology also responded that "will strengthen management", there is an understatement. And even a voice called HP in response to public concern about the hot issues, the lack of a sincere, more than a trace of indifference.

No matter what kind of business, if the loss of consumer trust, I am afraid it will be unable to move. This point in the User point of view has also been confirmed, there are users will not address the purchase of HP technology products, bought friends directly address "regret".

Which can be associated with the previous Samsung Note7 cell phone deflagration event, called the warning. Samsung Note7 deflagration, by the unprecedented attention around the world. After the incident, Samsung began to hold a kind of not active, arrogant and "inside and outside the different" attitude, triggering a strong consumer dissatisfaction, and ultimately led to this model in the global shutdown of the fate of the shutdown.

Hewlett-Packard as a warning We must pay close attention to public opinion, listen to the voices of consumers, take the initiative to respond to public concern about the quality of products, to give consumers a satisfactory account.