Hubei Planning Thirteen Five To Achieve New Energy Vehicles With An Annual Capacity Of 500,000

- Mar 01, 2017-

February 17, Hubei Province by the letter issued by the "new energy vehicles in Hubei Province and special vehicle industry," thirteen five "development plan" (hereinafter referred to as "planning"), for the development of new energy vehicles in Hubei portray a clear vision.

"Planning" shows that after years of cultivation, Hubei Province has basically formed a pure electric vehicle, hybrid electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles for the "three vertical" new energy vehicle research and development capabilities and vehicle control, drive motor, power battery Fuel cell) and so on for the "three horizontal" key components development capabilities.

"Thirteen five" period, Hubei Province will further play in Wuhan, Xiangyang in the new energy vehicles to promote the use of the first-mover advantage and demonstration of the role of leading enterprises to expand the scale of strength and brand effect, the formation of 1 to 2 with strong international competitiveness Of the new energy passenger car production enterprises, 2 to 3 with the comparative advantages of the new energy bus companies, 3 to 5 with regional comparative advantages of new energy vehicles business, 5 to 10 in the industry-leading new energy-driven System, power battery system, electronic control system of new energy key components enterprises, as well as a number of unique new energy vehicle supporting services business, to build a new energy vehicle industry highlands.

Promote product development and large-scale development

For how to enhance the industry potential of this subject, Hubei considerable consideration.

According to the "plan", Hubei Province will further expand the small and medium-sized pure electric and plug-in hybrid passenger cars, new energy buses, new energy vehicles production scale, the formation of vehicle development and stereotypes test and other industrial development capabilities. Continuous follow-up (including extended range) hybrid passenger cars, plug-in (including extended range) hybrid buses and special vehicle research and development of key technologies to promote ultra-lightweight new bus platform results transformation, speed up the high degree of integration Of the electric integrated chassis product technology is mature, the formation of independent intellectual property rights of the core technology and independent development and industrialization capabilities.

"Planning" goal for 2020, Hubei Province, new energy vehicles production capacity reached 500,000 / year, the main business income of 150 billion yuan. The overall technology to achieve the leading domestic level, some key technologies to reach the international advanced level, the scale of the industry ranked the forefront of production and sales accounted for 10% of the proportion of the country.

Enhance the key components of innovation and supporting capacity

"Planning" pointed out that the core components of the lack of integrated system supporting capacity, will seriously affect the vehicle performance and technological progress. Therefore, to speed up the promotion of power batteries, powertrain and electronic control system industrialization and equipment autonomy, is imperative. Hubei to tackle this storm, carried out a careful deployment.

Battery system, Hubei Province will focus on improving the high-performance power battery cathode, anode, diaphragm, electrolyte material preparation technology, vehicle power battery monomer, module, system design technology, electric vehicle power system energy storage application technology, Low-cost fuel cell materials and key components of the system.

Motor system, Hubei Province will focus on improving the electric wheel / wheel drive technology, new energy vehicle motor and its drive system, the new micro-turbine generator system, EMT-based electric drive system technology.

Electronic control system, Hubei Province will focus on the development of electric vehicle power system energy flow and information flow collaborative control technology, energy feedback electric vehicle brake anti-lock system, pure electric vehicle remote monitoring and fault diagnosis system, electric vehicle car charger , Automotive power battery management system, integrated DC-DC and other electrical functions of the controller, variable voltage controller.

In addition, in order to build a more complete supporting facilities support system, Hubei Province will also accelerate the construction of new energy vehicle charging infrastructure, to explore bare car sales + battery leasing, vehicle leasing, quick replacement batteries and other new business model. At the same time, and constantly improve the new energy vehicle technology research and development, testing and testing of public service platform for the construction of national new energy vehicle quality supervision and inspection center.