Hundreds Of Enterprises Planning Hundreds Of Billions Of Investment In The Field Of New Energy And The Number Of Foam?

- Mar 22, 2017-

New energy repairer is an influx of new entrants. March 2, informed beans electric car approved by the National Development and Reform Commission issued the first 11 new pure electric passenger car production qualification, and at the same time, there are such as Bo County, Sunton New Energy and other companies in the planning of the car The Throughout the listed companies, such investment dizzying.

Hundreds of enterprises planning hundreds of billions of investment in the field of new energy and the number of foam?

A direct question is: the new pure electric passenger car production qualification approval of the door will be open for how long? How many companies have to enter this door? "As far as I know, there are about thirty or forty enterprises in the line." March 15, Nanjing Bo County, vice president of automotive Zhang told reporters that they are also apply for qualification to the Development and Reform Commission. In fact, as early as November 2015, with the Development and Reform Commission is responsible for pure electric vehicle qualification examination and approval work of the Ministry of Industry had revealed that dozens of non-auto companies have applied for electric vehicle production qualification.

Pure electric passenger car production qualification is seen as a non-auto companies into the field of new energy repairer Zhucheng card, it is the importance of electric car owners is self-evident, but the number of enterprises willing to get Zhunsheng Zheng trend Let the industry unexpected. "At present the new registration of new energy vehicles in the country no less than 200." Zhang said, "so only 10 is not accurate, NDRC in this regard is to help the strong, rather than just limit the number."

Reporters combed 11 qualified enterprises found that their overall capacity planning has reached 600,000, planning investment of more than 15 billion yuan, the capacity data has more than 2016 national new energy vehicle sales of 500,000.

If the number of new energy vehicles in accordance with the 200 to calculate the size of its overall size is 11 qualified enterprises 20 times the total capacity will be more than 10 million level, the amount of investment will reach 300 billion yuan. And this is only the "new car forces" scale, if the traditional car companies count the new energy cars, new energy buses, low-speed electric vehicles and more new energy modified cars, logistics vehicles, then the current domestic new energy repairer The scale is eyebrows.

Since the new energy vehicles have been promoted to the national strategy, the enthusiasm of the private car was greatly excited, a large number of new forces in the capital, local governments and enterprises under the boost. In the field of power batteries, investment overheating, overcapacity has been staged, and now this scene will be in the field of electric vehicle manufacturing. Excessive investment, the excess capacity can cultivate an international competitiveness of the new energy car prices? China's new energy automotive industry can therefore walk in the forefront of the world? From the current sales of pure electric vehicle product strength and market sales situation, this sign has not yet appeared.

Investment heat continues to heat up

New energy investment hot years ago has been clues. In the past reports made a incomplete statistics, from January 2015 to March 2016 more than a year, the open new energy vehicle project investment totaling about 30, the overall capacity planning reached 3 million Vehicles, including bus companies, investment around the automobile industry park projects and so on.