Jima Electric Car Lithium Battery When Charging Explosion Fire

- Mar 20, 2017-

Pingdingshan Citizen has always felt that lithium battery explosion of such a thing away from their own very far, I did not expect a few days ago, her electric car lithium battery in the charging process, the sudden explosion and fire, so she used fire extinguisher in time to fire put out. March 16, Ms. Chen told reporters that then scary scene.

Ms. Chen is a new sales shop on the second floor of the Xinhua Bookstore, March 16 morning, she took out from the counter with a clear traces of lithium batteries to reporters, I saw the battery has an explosion left holes, plastic packaging shell Like a layer of flour. Ms. Chen explained that the white powder is sprayed out of the dry powder. At the time she was charging the lithium battery on the wall, also left a clear pit.

Ms. Chen recalled that at noon on March 11, she found her electric car was dead, it will remove the lithium battery to the workplace to charge. Unexpectedly, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, suddenly heard the "boom" a loud noise, the original battery explosion, the flames at that time jumped out. Fortunately, the bookstore has been equipped with fire extinguishers, she hastily brought the fire extinguisher against the battery burst of fierce spray, the fire was extinguished in time.

She said with a lingering fear: "Fortunately, no one next to, did not cause casualties, it is lucky if this is a fire at home, then the consequences would be disastrous.

According to Ms. Chen to provide car invoices, the reporter saw her electric car is Jie Ma licensing Ling Rui (lithium) 48V, July 13, 2014 in the urban open source road Jie Ma direct store to buy, the price of 2980 yuan. After the explosion, Ms. Chen first call to the shop but did not get through, and then call the manufacturers of customer service phone, factory response "to Pingdingshan physical store first look at the situation." The next day, Ms. Chen will report the situation to the open source road Jie Ma direct store, to the manager saw the scene photos. Ms. Chen said that her unit was informed that she was charging in the workplace and exploding, to fine her. The manager said it would consult with the manufacturers to see how to deal with the matter.

March 17 morning, the reporter went to open source Road Jie Ma direct sales store to understand the situation. Manager Tao said that the electric car lithium battery warranty period is two years, now has a warranty period, the factory replied that Ms. Chen can replace a group of new batteries, but will not be responsible for Ms. Chen fine losses. As for the battery explosion, Taomou said, may be charging time is too long or improper operation caused by the factory did not detect, bad conclusion.