Lead-acid Battery Business Enterprises To Stop Lithium Battery Development Concept Space Is Huge

- Jan 12, 2017-

In recent days, the stock index in the cliff-style crash after the gradual rebound in the steady recovery after 5 days, A shares gradually out of the US debt shadow, the index also return to August 5 2626 points line. Monday, lithium stocks rose the concept of collective, four stocks daily limit. So, in the emerging industries continue to be policy support, the traditional battery industry reshuffle the background, the agency believes that the concept of lithium battery development space is huge, opportunities for individual stocks.

State Securities (000,728): lead-acid battery business shut down to expand lithium battery development space

New energy vehicles to promote the effect is much lower than market expectations. In June 2010, it was decided to start the pilot project of purchasing new energy vehicles in Shanghai, Changchun, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Hefei. The maximum subsidy of hybrid electric vehicles would be 50,000 yuan per vehicle, and the subsidies for pure electric vehicles would be 6 Million.

Despite the intensity of subsidies, but compared to the three provinces and cities in East China's development planning objectives and the specific situation to promote the situation, the real progress to promote much lower than expected. As of last updated June 30 data, this year, the Shanghai market only sold 10 pure electric vehicles, Hangzhou, only 25. It is understood that, in addition to the price is still high after the subsidies and other factors, the practical use of convenience and even safety issues, is still hindering the application of new energy vehicles the biggest reason.

Over 八成 lead-acid battery business shut down, lithium battery development space to expand. In March 2011, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the National Development and Reform Commission and other nine departments jointly issued a document, the rectification of lead-acid battery business as a special task of environmental protection in 2011, requiring lead-acid battery industry enterprises to conduct a thorough investigation and comprehensive remediation of environmental violations , And by the end of July 2011, announced the area of all lead-acid battery business (processing, assembly and recycling) list, accept social supervision. As of July 31, throughout the country were investigated lead-acid battery production, assembly and recycling (recycled lead) 1930 enterprises. Among them, 583 were banned closed down, stop production and remediation 405, 610 discontinued; there are 252 enterprises in the production, 80 under construction. Banned shut down, cut-off remediation and shutdown of a total of 1598 enterprises, accounting for 83% of all investigation enterprises.

BYD (002594): F3DM sought after by the people of Shenzhen, orders have been routed to 2 months later, due to battery capacity constraints, the monthly factory is only 100 units. Jiang special motor (002176), Founder Motor (002196): part of the motor shortlisted "energy-saving products benefit the project" to promote efficient motor directory (third installment). Fluoride (002407): the issuance of a share transfer Jingchang company announcement, 24 million shares of fluorite resources.

Investment advice: New energy automotive industry is expected to become a strategic emerging industry leader, the industry prospects for the development of unlimited bright. We propose from the policy, technology, performance growth potential of three criteria to examine the securities market of new energy automotive industry chain investment value of listed companies. We believe that the current securities market, the new energy automotive industry chain in the following companies have strong investment value: 1) power lithium battery upstream and downstream companies, such as Shanshangufen, BYD, (000,491), Keli far (Quote, Information) (000145), Foshan Lighting (000541), Jiangsu Guotai (002091), CITIC Guoan 600478), Cheng Fei integration, the six countries Chemical (600,470), Fosugufen, the torch high-tech (600,872), China Baoan (quotes, information) (002,059), Baotou Steel (000009), polyfluoride and so on; 2) electric motor control upstream and downstream related companies, such as Ocean Electric (002,249), Hengdian East magnetic (002056), Baotou Rare Earth (600,111), Jiang special motor, etc .; 3) vehicle companies, such as JAC (600,418), Foton Motor (600166), Shanghai Automotive (600,104), Changan Automobile (000625), Ankai Bus (000,868), etc., to give the above company "recommended" investment rating. General in the early development of new energy automotive industry, due to the rapid development of the industry, the demand for upstream resources surge, so now we are more optimistic about the upstream resources industry. Proposed to avoid substantive performance without the support of the concept of new energy vehicles blind speculation. (National Yuan Securities Research Center)