Lead Intelligence: Start Power Lithium Battery Equipment Production Base Construction Projects

- Mar 06, 2017-

Pioneer Intelligence (300450) March 2 evening announcement that, according to industry development and the company's future development plan, the company will start in Wuxi City National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, New Island Road on the 18th of the power lithium battery equipment production base construction project (A) construction, the preliminary calculation, the project a period of investment amount of about 300 million yuan.

Power lithium battery equipment production base construction project (a) investment for the company, no other investment entities. The project is located on the 18th of Xinzhou Road, Wuxi National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone. With the national support for the new energy industry continues to increase, lithium battery industry has been rapid and sustainable development, as lithium battery equipment manufacturers, the company's current production capacity is not enough to support the future development of growth, expansion of production has become an urgent need. The project will be used to alleviate this situation to a certain extent, the project is expected to put into operation after the company's lithium battery equipment capacity can be expanded about 1 times. This project is in line with the company's long-term development of the strategic objectives.

According to the introduction, the construction content and scale for the new office building 1, the factory 4, the main equipment has a vertical machining center, the construction period of 1 year. The investment amount of the project is about RMB 300 million. Investment for self-financing, the future according to the needs of the market and production and operation to expand a variety of financing channels.

The company said that the base construction project will help improve the company's production capacity, expand the company's production scale, improve the lithium battery equipment market share is conducive to enhance the company's core competitiveness and sustained profitability.

Analysts said the company benefited from lithium battery industry concentration increase. If the new energy vehicles sold in 2020 to reach 2 million, and lithium battery industry concentration continues to rise, leading lithium battery companies such as Ningde era, BYD will still have a larger expansion of space. Which Ningde era is expected to reach 50Gwh capacity in 2020, the future capacity to double the annual growth. Company lithium battery equipment business benefit Ningde era expansion, is expected to continue to maintain high growth from 2017 to 2018.