Lithium Battery Or Usher Burst

- Nov 02, 2016-

United States Tesla (Tesla) car company's latest announcement appears, its Model s electric car deliveries than expected, expected surplus for the first time in the first quarter. Tesla is the forerunner of the global lithium-ion battery car development, production of the Model s electric car sales for the first quarter of this year reached 4,750 beyond February projected sales target of 4,500. The audio for extended application of lithium battery electric vehicles to open the imagination.

Traditional fuel air pollution in cars are now one of origin's first sewage, after progress in emission norms and other means are only reducing the level of pollution, and cannot fundamentally eradicate the sources of pollution. New energy car industry has always been a car enthusiastic funded occupational career and even Governments, according to the statement forecasts, 2020 electric car production will reach 13.14 million units in 2010, 5.5 times. Among them, the plug-in hybrid electric car production will increase by 35 times to reach 1.4 million vehicles, EV car production will reach 750,000 units, an increase of 75 times.

Because lithium is the metal in the smallest minimum electrode potentials, so made up of lithium battery open circuit voltage high ratio and characteristics of large capacity, high energy, new energy car manufacturers of lithium-ion batteries has long been a favorite battery. Because the need is a high-power electricity for electric cars, in the actual process of applying, usually using thousands of batteries into battery packs in series to ensure energy supply. Professional statements according to relevant estimates, a pure electric car needs 40-50 of anode materials and electrolyte, mercy is a single cell phone battery consumption 10,000 times. Career blowing up for electric cars will no doubt bring dozens of times to the domestic lithium battery career needs to be increased.

Lithium battery consists of 4 some form, namely, electrodes, electrolyte, estrangement and packaging material. Now domestic packaging materials and graphite anode skills relatively sophisticated, cost percentage is not high. Lithium-ion battery information center is mainly positive data, electrolyte and estrangement. Cathode material lithium battery cost 40%, electrolyte and gap costs accounted for more than 10% and 20%, respectively. Internal lithium-ion battery more occupations listed companies now, companies that have a higher skill level when hoisting technology, Shanshan shares, China Baoan, CITIC Guoan, Jiangsu guotai, fluoride, etc.