Lithium Equipment Company Performance Pre-hi Industry Highlights The Three Major Trends

- Jul 25, 2017-

According to statistics, there are a total of seven major lithium battery listed companies disclosed in the first half of 2017 revenue situation.

Seven lithium battery companies listed on the performance of pre-hi industry highlights the three trends

Can be seen from the following chart, the first half of 2017, lithium equipment industry seven major listed companies are pre-performance performance. Among them, Han's laser to achieve the highest profit attributable to the company, the company expected in January-June 2017 attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit reached 7.99-919000000 yuan; Branch Heng shares (new and table-technology) the fastest growing, Compared with the same period last year increased by 12-14 times.

Seven lithium battery companies listed on the performance of pre-hi industry highlights the three trends

But we have to see, seven listed companies, the real focus on the field of lithium battery equipment may only win together and lead the smart two, the rest of the enterprise product layout area is broader. For example, the industry is in the field of PCB technology obvious advantages, Ke Heng shares in the first half of the profit increase mainly by the lithium battery cathode material release capacity of the new pull, gold and silver in the field of organic silicon and polymer compounds layout and the accumulation of deeper.

And comprehensive from the seven companies semi-annual report, as well as investor relations activities, the reporter also found the lithium battery industry in the second half of the three major trends:

1, the whole line to pay the capital to chase the new outlet

Lithium battery as the most important power source of electric vehicles, performance and quality requirements are getting higher and higher, while reducing the pressure of increasing costs, the use of intelligent and integrated equipment is an inevitable choice. From the stand-alone procurement to the sub-section or the whole line of procurement, power battery companies can also enjoy the savings in investment, rapid commissioning, saving labor, high pass rate, energy efficiency and other convenience. From the market point of view, from 2015 to win the technology through the forward layout and vertical integration of the industry, the industry's first proposed "full line mode" since the lithium equipment companies to provide the whole line of solutions is the trend.

In the recent investor relations activities, Han's laser said that the company already has 70% of the front / middle of the overall capacity of lithium battery equipment, the future strive to form a battery production workshop and factory turnkey project capacity; pilot intelligence will continue In the field of lithium equipment to consider the development of extension to adapt to the current stage of development is the industry trend.

Branch Heng shares that lithium battery equipment in the form of the whole package is unlikely to become mainstream, but there will certainly be a large part of the market demand, and the possibility of sub-packaging is very large. The company has been on the new equipment and actively looking for the right lithium battery equipment business, the current suspension is planning and acquisition of lithium equipment business.

2, capital, technology, production capacity is indispensable

Shopping malls such as the battlefield, and capital, technology, production capacity advantage is the enterprise to maintain the leading edge of the important factors. Integrated battery China Net industry research point of view, various companies are optimistic about the prospects for the development of lithium equipment, a new round of market card bit by bit.

In May 2017, the acquisition of non-public offering of shares of the plan, is expected to raise funds totaling no more than 1.6 billion, to further expand production capacity, optimize the production of intelligent control system to enhance product management intelligent, information technology Level. It is understood that the project will add 1025 sets of capacity, the main products are coating machine, roller press, sub-machine and other ten lithium battery special equipment.

The current pilot intelligence has also been through the new plant and leasing plant, etc. to solve the bottleneck problem, the company's new lithium battery equipment base is expected to release production capacity in the third quarter, but not in this year the formation of sales revenue. In addition, including Nebula shares, Han's laser and other enterprises have said that the future will be the right time to use capital market forces, expand their thinking, closely follow customer needs, with capital, technology, production capacity of the core power battery equipment business.

3, 2017 performance in the second half into the high growth period

Ke Heng shares in the acceptance of investor research, said the new energy automotive industry in the next few years are the opportunity of history, industry development prospects, and the whole industry chain enterprises are opportunities and challenges. This is consistent with the battery China Network to determine the beginning of the second half of 2017, lithium equipment industry into the high-speed growth period, step on the development of quasi-industry and capital, technology, production advantages of the enterprise will be "Swordsman".

Throughout the world, the entire new energy automotive industry is still in the long-term growth, the international first-tier car prices of pure electric car planning has just started, the future market and capacity to enhance the space is still great. And the development of domestic lithium industry will be driven by the subsidy into consumer demand driven by the stability of the policy, energy storage and other emerging market size increases, the import substitution rate, the old equipment replacement and battery equipment segment or the whole line delivery trends and other factors Impact, lithium battery equipment business volume will usher in the second half ushered in the outbreak.