Lithium Listed Companies From The Bottom Of The Performance Of Corporate Profits

- Mar 01, 2017-

From the performance of net profit growth, GGII analysts believe that the lithium industry mainly presents the following characteristics: 1. The fastest growing materials, especially lithium carbonate and lithium hexafluorophosphate; 2. Profit changes from the upstream material to the downstream battery gradually reduced Characteristics, the bulk of the profits of the upper reaches of raw materials such as lithium ore companies occupy; 3. Battery business growth and stability.

Material listed companies net profit growth of the main reasons are: 1. Material gross margin increased. Material enterprises to increase the significant polyfluorine, for example, lithium hexafluorophosphate gross margin from 2014, 2015, 13% -14% rose to the current 40%. 2. price increases. Lithium carbonate, lithium hexafluorophosphate in 2016 experienced some "skyrocketing", such as lithium hexafluorophosphate has been maintained at more than 40 million / ton high, until the end of 2016 has declined.

GGII analysts forecast, 2017 lithium profit growth will maintain the status quo, but corporate revenue growth will be retreating compared to last year. The main reasons are: 1. Lithium carbonate, lithium hexafluorophosphate and other materials in 2017 price is the trend, the profit increase compared to 2016 will be reduced or flat; 2. Battery companies by the depot pressure, the price will be reduced, and part of the cathode material prices, Its gross margin decreased.