Lithium Weekly News

- Feb 12, 2017-

After the first week of work, OFweek lithium power grid for everyone to continue finishing the week of the lithium industry. Samsung this week, major events in the Samsung SDI plant fire, waste lithium battery recycling will be pilot, the Ministry of Industry sentenced seven new energy vehicles and so on. Let's take a look at it!

Industry synthesis

1. Battery recycling will be piloted in the development of new energy vehicles

Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Science and Technology recently released on the promotion of renewable resources industry development guidance. Which proposed, focusing on the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and other new energy vehicles development and concentration areas, select a number of cities to carry out new energy vehicle power battery recycling pilot demonstration.

Opinions, will promote the dismantling of scrap cars using equipment manufacturing, and actively promote the engine and the major parts and re-manufacturing, the implementation of remanufacturing products that the release of remanufacturing product technology directory, the development of automotive parts recycling standard, High utilization of auto parts. In the field of new energy vehicles, will carry out new energy vehicle power battery recycling pilot, establish and improve the waste power battery resource utilization standard system, promote the use of waste power battery cascade. Through the innovative recycling mechanism, to explore the establishment of producer responsibility extension system, improve the scrap car resource industry chain, is expected by 2020, China's scrapped motor vehicle recycling rate will reach 95%.

2. Ministry of Industry and Punishments 7 new energy car prices

February 4, the Ministry of Industry announced on the official website of the Jinhua Youth Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd., SAIC Tangshan Bus Co., Ltd., Chongqing Lifan Passenger Car Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., Shanghai Shenwo Bus Co., Ltd., Nanjing Special Automobile Manufacturing plant Co., Ltd., Chongqing Hengtong Bus Co., Ltd. The seven car prices of the administrative penalty book.

This is the second 2016 on December 20, the Ministry of Industry on the Suzhou Jinlong and other four companies to make administrative penalties, the second time on the new energy car cheat for the car enterprises to pursue. According to the administrative penalty book, the Ministry of Industry disclosed the seven car companies cheat the reasons for the suspension, and suspended their declaration of new energy vehicles to promote the application of recommended vehicle qualification, the revocation of the company does not meet the requirements of the vehicle qualification, Given the two months of the rectification period. At this point has been 11 car enterprises because of cheating as a formal punishment.

3. Samsung SDI Tianjin factory fire no casualties

February 8 morning, there are friends that Tianjin Yi Xian Park Samsung suspected of a nearby fire. At about 3 pm, Samsung said that the fire has been extinguished, no casualties, the cause of the fire is piling up the waste.

Samsung in April this year will be released by the new flagship Galaxy S8 part of the battery is also used by Samsung subsidiary SDI provided. It is reported that the factory accident fire will not affect the Samsung S8 battery supply.

4. United States a user Dell notebook with fried four times

According to US media reports, the United States, California, a young man on the Dell laptop laptop charging, the built-in lithium battery suddenly exploded four times and the fire, the whole process was home camera complete record. Fortunately, during the entire explosion, no injuries were caused.

Dell has issued a statement on the matter that has been with the owner of the laptop had a consultation, and wait for the accident computer back to the company. Dell will form a complete investigation report to verify the cause of the accident and will confirm that all components, including the battery, are from qualified manufacturers.

5. National Development and Reform Commission announced on the 1st focus on the deployment of new energy automotive industry

2017, the new energy vehicles as the National Development and Reform Commission No. 1 announcement "strategic emerging industries focus on products and services directory" 2016 version (hereinafter referred to as "directory") focused on the deployment of key, "thirteen" period, the new energy The strategic position of the automobile industry will once again be strengthened.

2016 version of the "directory" to clear the five major areas of eight industries, and further refine to the 40 key direction 174 sub-direction, nearly 4,000 subdivided products and services. New energy vehicles as an important one of the eight industries, involving new energy automotive products, charging, electricity and hydrogenation facilities and production testing equipment three key directions, and divided the 14 sub-direction. Compared to the 2013 edition of the "directory", only proposed pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid cars in a direction is very different.

It is worth mentioning that the "directory" is only as a guide to guide the service, a clear direction of industrial development, rather than limit the specific technology development path to the industry, the market to the development of space, play a guiding role in industrial development.