Macro-comprehensive Policies Of New Energy Vehicles In Various Provinces And Municipalities Have Been Issued To Meet The New Energy Era

- Nov 27, 2017-

Macro-comprehensive policies of new energy vehicles in various provinces and municipalities have been issued to meet the new energy era

Earlier, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Qingyuan, Meizhou, Tangshan, Chengdu, Urumqi and other provinces and cities have also issued a macro-comprehensive policy of new energy vehicles.

Tangshan, Hebei

On October 30, the People's Government of Tangshan City, Hebei Province, promulgated the "Circular on Implementing Motor Vehicle Limits in Winter and Spring" and decided to implement measures to limit the number of motor vehicles in the city. Among them, pure electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles, fuel cell vehicles and disabled vehicles (disabled persons driving) with legal number plates suspended are not limited.


On October 27, the Guidance Opinion on Solving the Healthy Development of Shared Vehicles (Time-sharing Leasing) Industry in Guangzhou issued by the Guangzhou Transportation Commission indicated that encouraging the use of new energy vehicles and not promoting the use of non-renewable energy vehicles for time-sharing leasing Business, operating non-new energy time-sharing rental car should be gradually updated as new energy vehicles.


On October 27, Chengdu City will formally implement the Guiding Opinions on Encouraging and Standardizing the Development of Time-sharing Leasing Industry of New Energy Vehicles. Chengdu clearly to the end of 2018, the city basically formed a time-sharing leasing service network of new energy vehicles reaching 2,500 service outlets , Charging pile reached 10000. By the end of 2020, the city has formed a network of time-sharing leasing services covering a wide range of new energy vehicles, reaching 5,000 service outlets and 20,000 charging stations.

On October 26, the Notice on the Administration of Driver's License of City Road Freight Car in 2018 promulgated by Chengdu Traffic Management Bureau pointed out that all Chengdu freight trains (other than new energy trucks) that have not obtained the "Driving License for City Road Freight Car" are prohibited Every day from 7:00 to 22:00 in the Third Ring Road (inclusive), "Southern New District", Tianfu Avenue (Tianfu Fourth Street to Foothills Avenue), Panda Avenue (Sichuan to Sharon Road), Donglin Road (Third Ring Road to Panda Avenue) of the urban roads.

Foreigner freight vehicles (except new energy trucks) are prohibited from traveling daily between 7:00 and 22:00 on the Ring Expressway (within the expressway ring road), "Southern New Zone", and from Tianfu Avenue (Tianfu Fourth Street to Foothills Avenue).


Recently, the "Notice on Organizing the Application for 2018 Projects of Key Special Projects of New Energy Vehicles for State Key R & D Plan" issued by Shanghai pointed out that each reporting unit completed the online declaration according to the notification requirements of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the project affixed with the official seal of the reporting unit Pre-declaration, according to the deadline served on the 100th Qinzhou Road, Shanghai Building 1, Shanghai Science and Technology Commission Hall. The letter will be completed in accordance with the notification notice required to complete the audit.


Zhongshan City, "Zhongshan City, parking fees charged government guidance," is seeking advice, Zhongshan plans to install a public security department (change) issued a new energy vehicles license plate discount of 20% to encourage new energy vehicles consumption.


"Qingyuan City to promote the application of new energy bus assessment score program" clear, Qingyuan District counties (cities, districts) as a unit of 2016-2019 every natural year new energy bus to promote the application of ratings.

Program pointed out that reaching more than 60 points as the year to promote the use of new energy buses to complete the goal of completing the provincial assessment targets in the city, the area can enjoy the provisions of subsidies in the city has not completed the provincial assessment targets, according to the actual completion of the target Subsidies received by the balance of funds, equivalent deductions in unfinished areas next year oil prices price subsidies, equivalent deduction of not more than 80%. The annual deduction of funds priority grant Completion of more than 60 points in the target area when the new and updated new energy vehicles.


"Meizhou new energy vehicles to promote the implementation of the program," released in 2017, city-level will continue to increase the application of pure electric bus lines, and clear vehicle technology programs, promotion models, infrastructure location, operation management and service support, The full realization of urban electric bus all electric. By 2020, the basic realization of bus electrification, the city's pure electric bus ownership accounted for more than 75% of the total bus. By 2020, the city has built 25 charging stations, of which 13 are dedicated charging stations for buses, 1 is dedicated charging stations for vehicles, 12 are fast charging stations for intercity and 1 is for urban public charging stations. There are 700 charging stations for public use, Charging pile 8500.


Urumqi recently released "on the city of motor vehicle safety testing and testing fees and related matters notice" pointed out that small vehicles (3.5 tons of vehicles weighing less than 3.5 tons) 120 yuan / car · times; medium-sized vehicles (vehicle weight 3.5 Ton to 6 tons with 6 tons) 140 yuan / car · times; large vehicles (vehicles weighing 6 tons or more) 160 yuan / car · times.

The circular pointed out that in order to promote the development of urban public transport and rental industries and increase support for policy of new energy vehicles, the safety inspection of buses, taxis and new energy vehicles will be halved.

Editor's Note:

Needless to say, the new energy era has arrived. But for the new energy vehicles, "heart" supplier - battery companies, whether it has been fully prepared for the war, let us wait and see!