Mainstream Car Enterprises Lift New Energy Vehicles War 10 Years Planning Labor

- Jan 12, 2017-

According to a person involved in planning the preparation, said repeatedly revised "energy-saving and new energy automotive industry development plan (2011 ~ 2020)" coordination work has been completed, the State Council is being validated, do not wait until the end, Will be introduced, when the path of development of new energy vehicles in China will be more clear. The mainstream car prices will benefit.

New energy vehicles, "Ten-Year Plan" "labor" industry development path clear

Known as the grasp of the pulse of the development of new energy vehicles, "energy-saving and new energy automotive industry development plan (2011 ~ 2020)" (the "Ten-Year Plan"), since October last year after the draft, due to various reasons Has been "stranded", the introduction of the rumors of the schedule from last year, spread to the end of June this year, and then spread to the end of this year, which also makes a lot of local car prices the pace of new energy is slowing down.

Securities Times reporter recently from a person involved in planning the Department was informed that repeatedly modified the "Ten-Year Plan" coordination work has been completed, the State Council is being validated, do not wait until the end of the year, will soon be introduced, when China's new energy vehicles Development path will be more clear.

Technical route dispute has a conclusion

Many in the industry believe that the "Ten-Year Plan" has not yet introduced the reason lies in the definition of new energy vehicles has been controversial, which led to different views of various departments.

For the definition of new energy vehicles, first introduced in 2009, "the automobile industry restructuring and revitalization plan" is not clear, hybrid cars, electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles, etc. are collectively referred to as energy-saving and new energy vehicles.

And later a series of energy-saving and new energy vehicles demonstration and promotion policy is clearly put forward, the new energy vehicles mainly refers to the plug-in hybrid and pure electric, hybrid is classified as energy-efficient cars, and private car compensation standards are also different Large - each plug-in hybrids and pure electric vehicles maximum subsidy 5 to 6 million, rather than plug-in ordinary hybrid cars can only be a one-time fixed subsidy of 3,000 yuan.

Government policy guidance and financial support is undoubtedly the biggest driving force in the early development of new energy vehicles, but the huge difference in subsidies to the industry mistakenly believe that the state only supports electric vehicles, rather than support hybrid, and some companies even hesitate to give up Hybrid technology research and development and went straight to pure electric "theme."

In this regard, the Secretary-General of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers Dong Yang repeatedly stressed to reporters, the Government does not support the hybrid, but will be classified as energy-saving technology areas to support. "Hybrid car technology, low cost, through tax incentives can be profitable, it is easy to promote.Now pure electric and plug-in hybrid cars and fuel cell vehicles cost is poor, in the early stage must have financial subsidies to So now the division of new energy vehicles is through the advanced nature of technology, economic weakness and high cost combined set.

In fact, in the "10-year plan" draft, the new energy vehicles have been defined as pure electric, plug-in hybrid and fuel cell vehicles, and were listed in the new energy vehicles and hybrid vehicles stage objectives , Clearly the pure electric vehicles as the transformation of China's auto industry's main strategic orientation, promoting pure electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid car industry. While the recent focus on hybrid vehicles, vigorously promote the popularization of energy-saving cars.

Prior to that, the industry believes that the "ten-year plan" dystocia reasons, mainly the various departments and parties to the development of new energy vehicles and policies can not unify the views, such as the Ministry of Science and Technology tend to give priority to the development of electric vehicles, and specifically formulated Electric vehicles, "second five" technology development special planning, while the Ministry of Industry is inclined to energy-saving cars and new energy vehicles, "walking on two legs." The interests of various departments of the dispute led to poor division of labor, but also affect the development of new energy vehicles, the main reason.

However, in the China Automobile Industry Association Assistant Secretary-General Ye Shengji view, the new energy vehicle technology route has been very clear, that is "three vertical (hybrid, pure electric, fuel cell) three horizontal (battery, motor, "The strategic layout. Specific how to do all the car enterprises, enterprises in accordance with the regional development of energy conditions may be, the general principle of energy diversification.