Mayor Of Shaanxi Hancheng Chu Jinfeng Meets With Chairman Li Yao

- Apr 11, 2018-

On April 8, Han Jincheng, Mayor of Shaanxi Province, chu Jinfeng met with OptimumNano Chairman Li Yao and his delegation to negotiate and join forces to speed up the development of new energy electric heavy trucks and the promotion of the new energy industry Hancheng base project. Sun Changhong, deputy mayor of Hancheng, and Jia Yaobin, secretary-general of the Hancheng government, participated in the related units of Kaifeng District and Chengtou Investment Company.


Mayor of Chongqing City, Chu Jinfeng Meets with Wattama Chairman Li Yao and His Party

Chairman Li Yao reported to the mayor of the city of Wengma about the construction of the Hancheng Base Project for the new energy industry in Wotema. The project started laying foundation in May 2016, planning to cover an area of 780 mu, with a total construction area of 215,000 square meters of steel. Structure standard factory building, mainly used for new energy positive and negative pole projects, shell factory project and supporting service area. Up to now, 5 of the planned 20 plant buildings have reached the equipment installation conditions, 11 main bodies completed the main construction, and 4 completed the basic projects. The main roads of the 2 plant areas have completed underground pipelines and subgrade engineering, and the entire electrolyte plant has been completed. The slope protection project has been completed. All plants are expected to complete construction delivery by the end of May. The factory area will complete all construction tasks by the end of June.

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The mayor of the city earnestly listened to Chairman Li Yao’s report on the construction of the Hancheng project.

The mayor stated that as one of the most important economic growth poles in Shaanxi, Hancheng has seen a strong momentum of economic and social development in recent years. Currently, it is moving towards the goal of building regional centers along the Yellow River and leading the coordinated development of the Yellow River Economic Belt. In particular, the Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee proposed to build a “3 million automobile project” goal, which provided a golden opportunity and a broad market prospect for the two parties to work together to promote the development of the new energy automobile industry cluster. optimumnano has advanced technology, excellent team and mature business model. Since the two sides have cooperated, they have always upheld the principle of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation. The pre-phase work has been promoted in an orderly manner and the cooperation foundation has been solidified. As soon as possible, the new energy electric heavy truck project will be completed. The downline laid a solid foundation.

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The Mayor of Changzhou made important instructions on the construction of the Hancheng project

The mayor hopes that the two sides can further strengthen their confidence in cooperation, pool their cooperation and consensus, work together to overcome difficulties, and realize potential and complementary advantages in technical support, operation management, and platform construction, and make the new energy electric vehicle industry bigger. Strong and hand in hand to open a new chapter in cooperation and win-win; to strengthen cooperation with local companies such as Longgang, integrate all resources, speed up the pace of new energy electric heavy truck off the assembly line, follow up the application of the project late, and promote cooperation between the parties as soon as possible to enter substantive At the same time, we must firmly establish the concept of industrial cluster development, cooperate with the establishment of companies, jointly solve problems, strive to install the new energy electric heavy truck assembly in Hancheng, play a leading role, do a good job to do heavy truck articles, and simultaneously accelerate the construction of the core casting plant, The recruitment of new energy companies, etc., will promote the development of a cluster of 100 billion new energy electric vehicle industries. The related units of Jingkai District, City Investment Corporation and others should concentrate their energy and spare no effort in making efforts to obtain support from the provincial government and crack capital bottlenecks. Solve various problems in project promotion and strive for new energy within two months Move heavy trucks off the assembly line put into operation.


Chairman Li Yao reports to the Mayor of Changzhou City on the construction plan of the Hancheng project

Chairman Li Yao expressed his gratitude to Mayor Gao for its high recognition and deep concern, and stated that the new energy electric heavy truck has great market potential, both at the national policy level and the market development prospects. Since the cooperation with Hancheng, the municipal Party committee and the municipal government have always supported them, a good business environment, and a pragmatic cadre style have strengthened the confidence and determination of the cooperation between the two parties. Wattmar will send elites around the target of the new energy electric heavy trucks to go offline as soon as possible, exert their own advantages, and work together with Hancheng in the areas of passenger cars, modern logistics, and sincerely cooperate towards a common dream of both parties. Step forward