New Energy Subsidies For Passenger Cars Fell By 40% To See The Implementation Of The New Deal On The Impact Of Auto Market Around

- Jan 12, 2017-

A new round of subsidy policy has been officially implemented in January 1, 2017, in accordance with the new subsidy policy to buy pure electric passenger cars and plug-in hybrids to enjoy the subsidies have different degrees of decline, such as pure electric passenger The maximum decline of 44,000 yuan car.

Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, several major markets Beiqi, SAIC Roewe, BYD, and Geely and many other 4S store sales staff understand that due to subsidies decline, with local government subsidies when the adjustment is not determined , Has affected the normal sales of new energy vehicles.

In this case, including Beiqi, SAIC, Huatai, known beans and other new energy automotive companies have released the official news, announced the Spring Festival will not be the whole department prices to stabilize the market. This means that car prices will own a few million yuan per vehicle to subsidize the difference.

And has not yet given a clear plan for the car prices, because of uncertainty about whether to adjust the price. And now can only accept reservations, or even billing, has seriously affected the normal sales.

In this regard, the industry believes that the adjustment in the local subsidy policy has not yet been introduced before the market in 2017 will have some short-term impact, or the market downturn.

Terminal sales reaction varies

Subsidies in accordance with the 2016, more than 250 km pure electric passenger car maximum subsidy of 55,000 yuan, local subsidies in accordance with the basic ratio of 1: 1, then a pure electric passenger cars can subsidize 110,000 yuan, and 2017 To 44,000 yuan, the maximum subsidy of local subsidies shall not exceed 50% of the state, which calculated that a pure electric passenger cars the total amount of subsidies fell by 44,000.

While the current price of electric passenger cars are generally high, the terminal market is also very sensitive to the price. A car several thousand yuan of decline is quite large.

In the Beijing market, has always been pure electric vehicle-oriented. Beijing Huawang Chang Industry Automotive Sales and Service Co., Ltd. a large sales person in charge to the network of senior engineers said that as the car prices are not given the price of the program, all models sold in accordance with the original price, so sales temporarily stable.

But the specific subsidy program in Beijing will follow the adjustment is not known. After the Spring Festival is expected to car prices in Beijing under the subsidies and then make a response.

The Beijing Geely Automobile 4S shop sales staff said that Geely is currently a pure electric vehicle, because subsidies decline reasons, car prices have not yet given a specific program, 4S shop also dare not rashly sell.

Similarly, in Shanghai, SAIC has been promised before the Spring Festival is not price increases, the current SAIC Roewe plug-in hybrids sales as usual, as to whether the adjustment after the Spring Festival, 4S shop side, according to the car side, given the program And pricing, do not rule out price increases.

In Shenzhen, has always been to plug-in hybrid-based, BYD's plug-in hybrids Qin, Tang and other models has been the main force of the Shenzhen market sales.

Shenzhen BYD a 4S of the consumer, in accordance with the 2017 subsidy standards, the maximum subsidy of 24,000 yuan, if the Shenzhen local subsidy of not more than 50%, BYD's car can only subsidize the maximum 36,000 yuan. Representing a decrease of about 40% over the total subsidy of $ 61,500 in 2016.

It is understood that, according to Shenzhen City in the third quarter of 2016 new energy subsidies introduced policies, the current problem in 2017 in the local subsidies will be adjusted accordingly. Enterprises have not given a clear response to the program.

On the whole, the short term because many of the main car prices to choose their own part of the gap, the market is still maintained a certain level. But this is not a permanent solution.

The number of 4S shop, said the responsible person, is currently only temporarily maintain the price before the Spring Festival is stable, the situation after the Spring Festival is not yet determined. At the same time, depends on the local government when the introduction of the New Deal.

Term prices will not temporarily long-term prices will uplink

Up to now, there have been Beijing Auto, SAIC, Huatai, known beans and other new energy vehicles, the company released the official message, announced that the whole line models will not be price increases.

For example, a few days ago, Beiqi new energy official said the car before the Spring Festival users, funded by the Beijing Automotive Energy New Energy subsidy policy 44,000 yuan postponed the difference, none other end consumers. Consumers can still subsidize the terminal before retiring the retail price (without promotion) to buy the new energy products of Beijing Automotive.

January 3, SAIC also made it clear that the enterprises will bear part of the subsidy price of car prices. The Huatai side also said that the amount of subsidies Huatai E200 is not high, the manufacturers have the ability to make up for subsidies after the difference to ensure that prices do not rise.

For the BAIC, BYD, the amount of subsidies for these large gap between the models, long-term commitment to this part of the cost of subsidizing the slope, there is clearly greater pressure.

There have been many passenger car companies that will be through research and development and optimization of the way to reduce production costs, while the core of electricity and other parts will cut prices to control costs.

In general, at present, the new energy passenger car companies are plunging into pricing problems. Specific to the market level, most dealers are currently in sales there are some concerns to accept reservations based, and did not dare to store goods.

At the same time a lot of 4S shop, said the future does not rule out car prices, even if the new models to maintain the original price, but most likely car prices will be new models, prices will come up to cushion the sharp decline in subsidies to bring price pressure.

In addition, according to media reports, in order to maintain the original price, in accordance with the 2016 standard to get subsidies, some 4S shop in the New Deal before the implementation of the inventory car in advance on the good card, and then transfer to the consumer to buy.

From the above, the implementation of the New Deal, regardless of the car prices, or channel operators, how to reduce the subsidies brought about by a substantial decline in market impact, is indeed a big problem.