New Energy To Pick Up Depends On The Second Quarter

- Mar 09, 2017-

February this month is the car sales off-season, this year's policy changes make the new energy automotive market is particularly cold. March 7 evening, JAC announced the production and sales Express show, the company in February pure electric passenger car production and sales were 414, 125, respectively, down 69.29%, 89.42%. Which than in January JAC production 6, sales of 0 data has improved, but still shows the cold energy market in the new energy market.

In addition to JAC, the March 7 evening Changan Automobile and Beijing Automobile and other car prices have also released a production and sales report. There are market participants to the e company said that since the New Year since the auto market is not hot, the channel inventory continued to exceed the pressure behind the cordon.

New energy to pick up depends on the second quarter

According to the data released by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, the sales volume of new energy vehicles in January this year was 6889 and 5682 respectively, down by 69.1% and 74.4% respectively over the same period of last year. There are media that Beijing January 35 models in the sale of models have 15 sales of 0, which includes knowledge beans, BYD e5, JAC IEV and other hot models in the past.

JAC new energy car sales may be better and Beijing in February issued a local subsidy policy introduced. The relevant person in charge of car prices to the e company said that only in mid-February in Beijing to determine the local subsidy standards and the introduction of the local "small directory", other regions of the local subsidy policy has not landed. National subsidies slash, local subsidy window, plus last year released 1-5 batch of "new energy vehicle recommended directory" retrial, are the main reason for the impact of new energy automotive market.

It is reported that 2017 new energy vehicles nationwide subsidies fell by 20%, Beijing local subsidies in accordance with the amount of 50% of the national subsidies to determine the specific amount of national complement and fill the total amount of not more than 60% of the vehicle price, the minimum is only 1 Million yuan. Count the state subsidies, Beijing to buy pure electric vehicles, the current minimum subsidy of 30,000 yuan, the maximum subsidy of 66,000 yuan, compared to 2016 were shrinking 20,000 yuan and 44,000 yuan.

"Most of the new energy vehicle prices are still in the policy digestion period," the official said, with the recent batch of new and second batch of new energy vehicles to promote the directory published and issued "to promote the development of automotive power battery industry action program", the second quarter of the new energy The auto market will gradually return to normal, the industry will maintain more than 40% of the annual high growth.

Automotive Industry Association Deputy Secretary-General Xu Yanhua recently said, "January China's new energy vehicle sales decline, it is estimated that the data in February is not optimistic, which is expected in the". He believes that the fall can help the new energy automotive industry to enter a switch adjustment period. Automobile Industry Association of this year's new energy vehicle sales forecast of 800,000, last year, China's new energy vehicle sales reached 507,000, accounting for 1.8% of new car sales ratio.

Recent brokers published research reports are also holding "Xianyihouyang" point of view. Guoxin Securities said that with the completion of the new energy automotive industry consolidation, the industry has been exhausted, good will gradually cash, into the layout of the opportunity. In the industry level, including state-owned cars, Beiqi new energy, including enterprises are also spending additional new energy vehicles.