New Energy Vehicle Subsidies On The Industry Has Little Effect

- Mar 13, 2017-

CPPCC National Committee members, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Chairman Li Shufu in the recent afternoon after the group meeting after an interview with reporters, said the new energy vehicle subsidies on the industry impact is not large. "This year is 20% of the slope, by 2020 to zero, but the new measures will keep up with." Li Shufu said.

In the March 5 "ministerial channel", the Ministry of Industry and Minister Miao Wei said that this year to study the new energy vehicles in 2020, after all the subsidies to withdraw from government subsidies, the current consideration of the traditional car fuel consumption, points and new energy vehicles Points to establish a trading system, and has been solicited comments online.

At the same time Li Shufu that the face of subsidies to slush enterprises will take the relevant measures to deal with, reduce costs and improve product competitiveness.

At the end of 2016, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Science and Technology, Development and Reform Commission jointly issued "on the adjustment of new energy vehicles to promote the use of financial subsidies policy notice", according to the New Deal this year, new energy vehicle subsidies than 2016 reduced 20%, local financial subsidies shall not exceed 50% of the central bicycle subsidy. Individual purchase of pure electric car subsidies to be completely canceled by 2020.

2017 government work report "resolutely lay the blue sky to defend the war," Li Shufu told reporters that this year Geely will increase the layout of new energy vehicles, started the "Blue Geely Action" program, by 2020 new energy vehicle sales accounted for More than 90%.