Nissan Charged Up For First Phase Of Energy Storage Investment

- Jul 26, 2017-

Business minister Greg Clark, announced yesterday, that the first phase of the Government’s £246million investment into battery technology and energy storage in the UK had begun.

Nissan plans to be at the forefront of EV technology with the roll out of its Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology, under its Intelligent Mobility platform.

V2G technology allows electric vehicles to be fully integrated into the electricity grid and will help improve grid capability to handle renewable power, making renewable sources even more widely integrated and affordable.

Private EV owners and businesses with large EV fleets will have the opportunity to create mobile energy hubs by integrating their vehicles into the grid.

Nissan EV owners can connect to the grid to charge at “low-demand, cheap tariff periods”, with an option to then use the electricity stored in the vehicle’s battery at home and at work when costs are higher, or even feed back to the grid which could generate additional revenue for the EV owner.

Nissan Europe’s director of energy services Francisco Carranza said: “Nissan has been saying for a long time that the future is electric. That forward-thinking led us to produce the the Nissan Leaf.

“Our vehicles can be plugged into the grid and support the transmission and distribution companies in making the UK grid more sustainable and more stable. The increase of electric vehicles penetration, the introduction of more and more distributed generation and storage and the overall increase in renewable energy penetration should be done smartly.

“In addition to Nissan electric vehicles and the vehicle to grid services, we also have plans for our batteries once they have been used in cars – as stationary energy storage units which can be filled by renewable sources.”