OptimumNano And French Mechanical Engineering Leader ECM Reached Cooperation Intention

- Mar 21, 2018-

OptimumNano and French mechanical engineering leader ECM reached cooperation intention

The company’s high-level technical team accompanied Mr. Gabriel OUZEN and his team to visit the Digital Gallery, Battery Research Institute, Smart Workshop, and Backstage Monitoring Center. During the period, Mr. Gabriel OUZEN paid great attention to the technical reserve and application of the vehicle in the direction of lightweighting of the vehicle. The company’s accompanying staff had made contributions to it from five aspects: new formation methods, new structures, new materials, new process applications, and extreme design. Detailed introduction, and expressed that the lightweight technology of OptimumNano is at the leading level in the industry in China.

Subsequently, the two sides conducted in-depth discussions on the cooperation intention of the new energy vehicle power battery.


Both parties held exchanges and discussions

As a leader in power battery systems for new energy vehicles, Wultema has always been adhering to the spirit of openness and innovation. It has been cultivating for 16 years in the industry and has now grown into a top 100 industrial company in Shenzhen and a national high-tech enterprise, ranking the top three in the Chinese power battery market. For two consecutive years, they were among the top 500 global new energy companies.

Mr. Gabriel OUZEN praised OptimumNano's leading international power battery technology, vehicle technology and strong comprehensive strength. He also stated that as a company committed to technological breakthroughs in the automotive, sustainable energy, transportation, and aerospace industries, ECM has been looking for partners with strength, social responsibility, and common development philosophy. In the design technology and power battery products, we can see that Wattmar develops innovative energy concepts and firm beliefs in the development of new energy businesses. This is in line with the development concept of ECM. ECM has expressed its willingness and the Ma signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement.

ECM is a company specializing in mechanical engineering and advanced technology consulting for 40 years. Currently, ECM is a leader in the design and development of structures, mechanical systems, equipment and industrial tools, and test beds. It is in the areas of automotive and aircraft structural design and mechanical systems. It has in-depth cooperation with world-renowned auto and aircraft manufacturing companies such as Renault, Peugeot, Airbus and Dassault. The intention of both parties to discuss in-depth cooperation means that Watmar has been recognized and trusted by overseas advanced technology companies in the new energy market. With the market share and influence of ECM in the international market and the powerful technical strength of OptimumNano, both parties can jointly open a new era of new energy vehicles!