Optimumnano Battery Cold Technology Escort Inner Mongolia Green Travel

- Jan 29, 2018-

Optimumnano Battery cold technology escort Inner Mongolia green travel

"On the morning of the 26th, a number of new K3 electric buses powered by OptimumNano's high-performance power batteries were gently emancipated from Tianjiaying Bus Station and headed for Public Transport Five Company." On January 27, People's Daily Online, Xinhua, Netease, Sohu and other authoritative media have issued a document, Hohhot low temperature snow in the safe, stable operation of pure electric bus to start the special coverage by the industry wide attention.

Today, through the media perspective, we decrypt the pure electric bus equipped with OptimumNano high-performance batteries to withstand the test of cold and cold, providing a model for the promotion and application of pure electric vehicles in the north and opening a new era of green travel.

* Note: Article content from People's Network, Xinhua, Netease, Sohu special reports.

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Equipped with low temperature battery Watermall pure electric bus

"The first bus in the morning starts at 6:10. It takes half an hour for the hot car to start before it is switched to a pure electric bus. It takes only 5 minutes to start the car and shorten the hot car time. On the 26th, Hohhot Public Transport Company two drivers Shi Xiang said.

In recent days, the sudden drop in temperature in Hohhot, the minimum temperature of minus 20 degrees, which is a very big test for the bus driver. On the morning of the 26th, a number of new K3 electric buses powered by OptimumNano high-performance power batteries were slowly emanated from Tianjiaying Bus Station and headed to Bus Five Company.

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OptimumNano fast charge technology to ensure that every pure electric bus full of momentum

Hohhot Public Transport Company II, Yin Pei-wen, chief of Section introduced the current use of OptimumNano electric bus 115, pure electric bus since July 2017 has been working well. "First of all, it is environmentally friendly, and it runs smoothly and without noise. The public reflect that the riding comfort is higher than that of the original. In addition, the maintenance rate is low due to the fact that all the buses charged are electronic parts."

At present, 370 pure electric buses equipped with low temperature batteries have already been put into operation. Some of the vehicles have already experienced three winter cold tests. They have all become vehicles of new energy vehicles in terms of number of vehicles operated, operating hours and operating mileage. In the northern region to promote the use of a model.


After-sales service routine investigation

Pure electric bus power source is the vehicle equipped with power battery, while the traditional battery power at low temperatures, the relevant parameters will be significantly decreased, thus affecting vehicle performance. Hohhot, the new "induction" of these vehicles equipped with OptimumNano high-performance battery, the battery low temperature performance has been greatly improved, to protect the vehicle in the cold weather -20 ℃ safe operation.

In addition, in order to ensure the smooth operation of pure electric buses, the current bus station is equipped with 6 sets of 240kw charging piles and 3 sets of 120kw charging piles. Even in -22 ℃ vehicle storage without heating and other ancillary facilities, the vehicle can still be guaranteed normal charging and operation.

At present, the pure electric bus equipped with OptimumNano power battery has been operated on 19 major lines such as K3, K5, 27, 53, 4, 26 and BRT in Hohhot, with an average monthly passenger volume of 1.55 million passengers and an average real loading rate of 87 %the above.